GovernmentHow a Bill is Introduced
A Flowchart by jalen
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An initiative is filed to the secretary of state.
Language is reviewed and edited by Secretary of States office. Official ballot name is given
Signatures are collected:246,372 signatures needed.
Random signature check for flaws such as duplicates or unregistered voters signatures.



Initiative is approved by Legislature. Bill is introduced.
Initiative sent to legislature. Where they can either approve it, reject it, or amend it
Signatures approved.
Flaw found. 100% check conducted and signature rejected


Initiative is amended by legislature. Both original and amended versions put on ballot.
Initiative is rejected by Legislature. It will be placed on the ballot and voters will decide on it.

The initiative is rejected.
Voters need two thirds majority
Bill is introduced.

A law is passed by legislature.
Law is placed on the ballot because of voter petition.
Voters need two thirds vote to overturn law
Law is overturned by referendum and becomes a bill again


Law is not overturned.