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You ask for variety? CHECK! You want to afford the GOODS? CHECK! ECPK BLOW OUT SALE ON POWDER take home and bake protein donut mixes are on SALE starting at 20$$$ BEST PART you get to design your own donut mix to not only hit the sweet tooth but at your expense. Follow the Flow chart to pick and choose what you want added to your mix.

ECPK Designer
Step ONE: Choose Your base.. Starting at 20$


Donut Dry Mix Flavors Vanilla Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Makes 12-24 donuts depending on portion and pan
Choose your Sugar free Protein Frosting. Add 3$ Chocolate Vanilla Mint Chocolate Caramel Vanilla
Add your toppings Add 1.50$ to EACH TOPPING -Chocolate chips -Rainbow -Sprinkles -Choc. Sprinkles -Coconut -Almonds -Peanut Butter -Chips
Choose your DRIZZLES: 2$ each Milk Chocolate 2$ Dark Chocolate 2$ Brown Death aka Bearclaw drizzle 2$


* You dont need to follow every step to complete your mix. You can purchased just the dry mix and add your own toppings to it to still get the sale price
OR try the Protein Cookie Dough as a added protein and taste Add 4$ .
Upgrade to a Protein Crumble $3

Re post the Flow chart on your IG and tag me in it to receive your free topping (must be up for 24 hours or until payment has been submitted)

WHEN FINISHED Submit your order to with your: name, address, order and the price it adds up to be. Shipping and handling will then be added and sent via paypal payment processing
You want FREE SHIPPING? Spend 50 or more and shipping is on me. Packaging and handling is not included that will be added in after order is submitted