BusinessSTS Franchise Induction Process
A Flowchart by Greatorpoor
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Outline of induction to Sales Through Service Franchise

Interest in the Sales Through Service and Investors in Feedback system

Contact us
Application Form
Attend 2 hour awareness event (Held quarterly in Exeter and London) No charge.
Still interested? Sign non disclosure agreement. And pay 200 deposit

Not interested? Deposit returned, minus 100 for costs
Complete template business plan: and review with us by phone
Still interested: sign deposit agreement and pay 10% deposit
Half day 1:1 with Guy Arnold and associates in Devon to discuss suitability and ideas.
Not interested in proceeding? 100 refunded

Not interested? Deposit returned, minus 200 for costs
Business Plan agreed. We run through the franchise agreement together by phone
Spend half day with existing franchisee
Feedback from both parties is good: Sign Franchise agreement and pay franchise fee
Start the adventure!

Not Interested? Deposit returned, minus 750 for costs