How-toFMS Mappoint Update
A Flowchart by marie
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This flowchart will explain the process of updating the FMC Mappoint

Click on View and click on Panes
Click on Legend and overview
Click on Data and click on Export to excel
Change information on the excel spreadsheet and click on save and name the file
Click on data - import data wizard - highlight the tab that was saved - press finish

Click on Multiple symbols - chain - Latitude and longitude- change all 3 push pin to Blue and clinic Finish and click on Route Planner
Highlight Alaska clinic - click on data and click on data set properties-click on balloon-click on each radio button you want to include and click on ok - name and save the file
Click on SeaMonkey-click on Window-Composer-open-click on PTS support page-open
Highlight Mappoint-link-choose file-click on PTS-click on Mappoint-all files-click on your save file name-open-press ok and save file
On the PTS Support page, click on View - refresh the page