Careerwelfare-to-work plans
A Flowchart by ivette
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Requirement to welfare to work program

Client has a high school degree or GED
Client can choose to obtain an associate degree or vocational training
Client can take a maximum of three years to complete the associate degree


Client will need to obtain a GED (will be required to enroll in a free GED course and pass exam)
The client will have minimum of 2 years to complete and pass the GED exam. Once passed can continue the process
Client can take a maximum of two years to complete vocational training
During the time client are working on their vocational and associate degree will be required to participate in monthly workshops. These workshop offered by non profit organization will consist on job readiness, resume building, interview skills, time management, networking, dress for success, what is expected the first year on the job, etc
Ongoing services and support. Client will check in three times within a two year mark for case management to determine if other services will need to be offered to support the client not to return to welfare.