Science & NatureCleaning Water
A Flowchart by cramsies
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Give instructions on how to make dirty water into clean water

Get 1 litre of dirty water, 2 jugs, 3 sieves, 2 pieces of kitchen roll, a funnel, filter paper and a small jar.
Put 1 jug under the funnel and put screwed up kitchen roll in funnel.
Pour half of the dirty water through the funnel slowly.
Repeat steps two and three for the second jug. Try not to let any dirt through the funnel.
Compare the results you get. Make sure you choose your cleanest jug of water.

You now have your cleanest pot of water possible! It won't go any cleaner because the filter paper has done all it can to clean the water!
Pour your cleanest jug of water so far through the filter paper into the small jar.
Open the top to make a small cone shaped funnel made out of filter paper.
Fold your filter paper in half, in half again and then in half again.
Get the filter paper and the small jar.