Food & BeveragesCatering System
A Flowchart by helenflaherty
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This flow chart will outline how the catering system works at Airedale hospital.

Breakfast Patient select meal from menu to be provided for following day. Ward staff identify the patients that need help.
Ward level Ward hostess collect menus from patients when collecting breakfast trays in.
Ward level Snacks and drinks are available all day to patients
Dinner Sudexo catering staff collect menus and collate numbers for meals. Dinner time meals handed out
Sudexo catering assistant takes meal numbers to the kitchen

Ward level Meals are delivered to patients by ward hostess or care staff. Red tray system shows patients that need assistance with feeding
Ward level Items served by catering assistant to ward staff. Menu's are kept on ward so when trolley arrives staff know what patient has ordered
Kitchen When meal required. food put on regeneration trolley to go to ward
Kitchen Catering assistant gets whichever portions of food from freezer, depending on time it takes meals and desserts to defrost