GovernmentHow Bills are introduced in Washington
A Flowchart by kitty kitty
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Explains how bills in Washington state are processed

A bill is proposed in the house of representatives or the senate.
It is refereed to a committee hearing, they can pass, reject, or do nothing to the bill.
The bill is read in the house of representatives or the senate, then is passed on to the rules committee.
The rules committee put the bill on the second reading calender or take no action.
At the second reading the bill is debated and amended, then is placed on the third reading calender.

The governor can either pass the bill or veto it, if it is not singed then it could pass with the governors approval.
When both houses accept the bill it is sent to the governor.
When the bill is amended in the second house the first one has to approve all of the changes.
If the bill passes in one house it goes to the second one.