HistoryChandragupta Maurya
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340 BC Chandragupta Maurya was born.
326 BC Met with Alexander the great and spoke negatively about the ruling of the Nanda Empire.
323 BC Alexander the Great dies and Chandragupta defeats the 'Satrapies'.
322 BC His ruling of the Mauryan Empire began.
321 BC The conquest of the Nanda Empire began, eventually won by the Mauryan Empire.

317 BC Chandragupta had defeated the remaining Macedonian satrapies in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent.
305 BC Chandragupta extended the borders of his empire towards Seleucid, Persia after a conflict with Seleucus.
302 BC Chandragupta married Selucus's daughter and as a return gesture,sent 500 war elephants, a military asset which would play a decisive role at the Battle of Ipsus
298 BC Chandragupta died and left the throne to his son Bindasura.