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A Flowchart by CarChar. See CarChar's 4me blog page.
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By CarChar
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Describe assessment process

Does KM have a problem with reading comprehension? We could assess this via an assessment that contrasts his ability to comprehend via reading vs. by listening. If comprehension is better when listening, this points to a reading comprehension deficit
Does this problem reading stem from a problem with word recognition/decoding? We could assess this via the CTOPP
Does KM have trouble with RAN? (Rapid Automatic Naming)
possible dyslexia



This indicates a problem with some non-phonological aspect of language. We would want to assess morphology, syntax, and semantics at the basic level
Normal RAN performance with a deficit in either phonological awareness or phonological short-term memory could also cause difficulties in decoding, but these would not be due to dyslexia