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HistoryLesson 7 putting it all together
By carly1130
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It will explain how the growing economy and church strengthened the power of the French monarchy.

Increased trade led to the growth of French population.
Population growth led to increased size of French cities and towns.
Larger, more heavily populated towns meant a larger French middle class, leading to the decline of serfdom.
The French middle class sided with the king in his struggles with the nobility.
A movement to free the church of control by the rich landowners grew from the Benedictine monastery in Cluny. The reformers wanted to recruit the ablest people, not the richest, to fill high church offices, and, as a result, they strengthened the church as a whole.

The Church expanded its presence in society. The number of monastic orders grew, and the church promoted arts, education, and scholarship.
The rising influence of the church and Christian religion strengthened the religious basis of the French monarchy. From then on, French kings were crowned in formal religious ceremonies.
With the popularization of Christianity, the French decided to take part in the Crusades.
Participation in the Crusades enhanced the monarchy’s prestige. It also allowed them to redirect the warring tendencies of the landowners outside the country
With increased prestige, a strengthened economy, and an improved military, the French Monarchy had succesfully made itself a strong political force.