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CrimeCreepypasta timeline
By Vaati
Category: Crime. Viewed 276 times. Created May 2014.     Disclaimer.   
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Jamey kills her family
Smirky befriends Jamey
Miss Joke snaps
Miss Joke finds Skitty
Little Red dies

Jamey dates Eyeless Jack
Smirky & Smile become mates
Miss Joke dates Laughing Jordan
Skitty becomes enemies with Smirky
Kendergirl takes care of her

EJ & Jamey get in a big fight
Smirky wonders off making Smile search for her
Miss Joke & Laughing Jordan have 2 kids
Skitty & Grinny become mates
Kendergirl gets upset with her dad (slenderman)

EJ tries to apologize
Smirky tries to comfort her best friend
Miss Joke finds Smirky hurt
Kendergirl has to Take Skitty to the vet
Jeff starts pestering Kender

Jamey doesn't except his apology
Smirky has a talk with EJ
Miss Joke over hears the argument
Skitty recovers slowly with Grinny by her side
Kender yells at Jeff