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LawHow bills are introduced
By bobthebuilder
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The bill is introduced to the Senate or House of Representatives.
The bill is referred to a committee for a public hearing where they take a look at it to decide what to do with it. They may do nothing for it.
The committee report of the bill is read to the House or Senate. Then the bill is referred to the Rules Committee.
The Rules Committee decides to put the bill on the second reading for debate or do nothing for it.
Once put on the second reading, the bill is debated and allowed for amendment. Then it is for a third and final reading calender.

If the governor does nothing in six days, the bill can become a law without their signature.
The governor must act on the bill within six days. The governor can sign the bill into law, veto all or part of the bill, or do nothing.
Once both houses agree with the bill, it is signed by respective leaders. After it is signed, it is given to the governor.
If changes are made to the bill in another house, the first house must agree with the amendments.
When the bill goes through a house, it must undergo the same routine as the other house.