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EducationHow a bill is Made
By Cho-le
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A bill is proposed to anyone in the state legislature. But only a legislature can present it to the State Legislature.
After the bill is drafted the legislature presents it to the Senate or House of Representatives. The bill is then presented to a committee.
The committee reviews the bill and if it is approved, goes to a hearing. Amendments can also be added to the bill and can also be declined by the committee.
Once the bill is approved by the committee, a day is scheduled for the bill to be discussed and debated by the Legislature and is then voted on.

The governor reviews the bill and decides to pass it or veto it. If the Governor passes the bill it becomes a law.
After the bill is accepted by both houses, it's signed by their leaders and is sent to the Governor. Citizens can now voice their opinion on the bill.
The bill is then passed by one of the Houses and then on to the other for the same processs.
Once the Legislature passes the bill, it's reviewed again by the rules committee & final vote before heading to the House or Senate.