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Help Decide on a Training Track

BODYFAT- Men: over 20%? Women: over 25%?
Go to Fat Loss Track


STRENGTH: Can you perform the following: Men: Deadlift 2x your bodyweight? Bench 1.5x your bodyweight? Perform 12+ pull-ups? Women: Deadlift 1.5x your bodyweight? Bench your bodyweight? Perform 6+ pullups?
Go to Strength Bias Track


Do you have access to basic equipment: -A barbell -Weights (rubber bumpers are preferred but not necessary) -Kettlebells and/or Dumbbells -A squat rack -A sturdy bench
NO GEAR Like the name implies, this is for those with little to no gear. People on TDY, who travel a lot, or who just have nothing to work with. NOTE: you shouldn't use this option as an excuse not to get a gym- options with gear allow you to go farther with training.


Choose a category that describes the demands of your career field, goal, or just your preferred workout:

RUCK: Designed for SF, Ranger, Wildland Firefigthing, people training for GoRuck events, or those who enjoy/need a lot of hiking training (mountain sports, hunters, etc.)
SWIM: Designed for those training for BUD/S, INDOC, MARSOC selection, or anyone else that wants to incorporate swimming. Note: These workouts are frequently very high volume.
"FIGHT": Training for law enforcement, or those interested in MMA training.
FIRE: Designed for Fire & Rescue personnel. Written to work with the 24/48 shift work typical of fire departments, and written to allow for workouts at stations that have little to no exercise equipment!