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By yikchan123
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General flow of the Internship Program

1. Promotion period: Starting from 27th March -mass mail -booth -in-class promotion -foundation dinner in April.
2. Application Deadline: 15th April 23:59 Apply through email contact with us or contact in person.
3. Interview: starting from 21st April (week of 21st April) -venue: Science office -group interview -invite professor to sit-in -criteria : personality, past experience in third world countries, scientific skills (preferred)
4. Result Release: 28th April -by email/ phone call

Post trip -Follow up final report -evaluation -sharing
Trip ( 16th June-30th June) -Research -Cultural exchange -Community building -Educate the locals
Pre-trip Training (early June) -basic information of Cambodia, cultures and safety -WEDO global, YES Network -proposed project topic collected from each team of the student - screening or modification of the topic by Professor Wan -research skill training by Professor Wan
5. Internship confirmation with payment: 2nd May (1st round), 6th May (2nd round, otherwise waiting list) -by bank-in slip and send through email