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By cramo
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I got 7 pieces of paper
I got a slat and slipped the paper inside and rolled
I taped the end so it stays together
After I had done this to all the pieces of paper I measured how big I wanted his body parts to be
I cut the body parts to the measurements

I unfolded it and cut it out
I made templates of shorts and a tee-shirt by folding paper in half and drawing around him
I did the same thing with the legs and tied a knot
I did the same on the other side
I got 3 pieces of string and slipped one string through the arm and through the spine and tied a knot

I pinned it to fabric so it wouldn’t move and cut the fabric around the template
I pinned the two pieces of fabric together and sewed them together and finally I just slipped him into it
I did this for every single piece of clothing
I then started painting his skin colour and his shoes
I formed his face and added his facial features

Finally I let it dry