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▷ ▶ Lease Temination Process free Business flowcharts and decision trees.
A Flowchart by ORGLV. See ORGLV's 4me blog page.
Viewed 672 times. Created November 2013.
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BusinessLease Temination Process
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This flowchart describes the steps and decisions involved after a lease termination, up through re-listing the property.

Lease is terminated (Eviction, Tenant gives 30-Day notice, or Landlord gives 30-Day notice)

PM or Runner meets Tenant at Property and completes move-out walk-thru, with pictures. Upload all to Buildium and assign to Maintenance Coordinator.
Does Tenant agree to scheduled walk-thru after move-out?
PM or Runner performs move-out walk-through without tenant, with pictures. Upload all to Buildium and assign to Maintenance Coordinator.

Maintenance Coordinator gets repair quote(s) based upon walk-thru with pictures. MC submits repair and cleaning request to PM for approval
MC BRANCH: Is/are approved work order(s) completed satisfactorily?
MC marks work as complete, begins Vendor Invoice / Bill Payment Flow


PM reassigns MC to re-bid or correct proposed work order(s)
Does PM approve proposed work order(s)?
PM approves work orders, and MC creates work orders
MC manages Vendor work until completed satisfactorily