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Food & BeveragesReceiving Process
By donna1023
Category: Food & Beverages. Viewed 901 times. Created October 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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This is the current Receiving Process. It is the same for FTLs and LTLs. Steps are followed whether the truck is here on time for their appointment or not. If they are not here on time or do not have an appointment, they may need to wait until we are ready to unload.

Get Paperwork from Drivers
Determine WhichDoor (most go to Door# 17-if that is full, dock guys will direct us to next available door)
Check for damage/correct quantity/correct material BOL information: PO#, Vendor Batch, Weight, Seal#, COA and Delivery Note
Gather QC Samples/Once sampled, attach blue stickers COA goes on sample cart
Put away as unloading

If damaged, enter under own batch#, QC rejects, Ross/Jim G clear system If quantity is incorrect, note on drivers' paperwork, enter what we actually received