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Projected Path of New Vocalocity System

3 Year Agreement with Century Link locks in rate of $85.00 a month and also gives one analog line for dedicated fax and emergency line in case of power loss or disruption of IP phone system.
Base Unit placed in storage room and additional 8-12 ethernet extension for additional IP phones.
Replace old ethernet r-45 cable and run from ceiling removing chance of catastrophic failure when layed on floor. Run to each new phone and also run 6' line from phone to laptops.

If plan decided upon by 10-15-13 phones that are priced at $49.95 are free with each extension for a savings of $600.00
12 extensions @ $30.00 = $360.00 Century Link 20mbps @ $85.00 per month = $445.00
Major benefits 1)Complete tracking if each extension daily in terms of number of calls and length. (Make callers sign daily average contracts to continue to get salary) 2)Call hold music and incoming call waiting 3)Professional virtual main number with greeting and dial by extension for each caller.