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Science & NatureEvolution flow chart
By bob4567
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My logic on how to deal with this topic.

The evidence for evolution is not bogus. 3 ways to respond
Trust your own brain over Gods and reject him for evolution

Look to the bible and see if it can support evolution. This seems like the best option to me. Leaves me with two possibilities.
Blind Faith – Ignore the evidence say all scientists are corrupted by Satan and bury your head in the sand.

God created in 7 days Evidence for this option: He said so. (Genesis 1) So somehow He used both. So how is this possible?
God created using evolution
God lied. Seems unlike His character.....

God is outside of time/space (2nd Peter 3:8) “In 1650 Bishop Ussher dated the creation from the genealogy given in the Bible at 4004 B.C.; for a long time (even for some people today) this was accepted as "gospel truth." However, if you accept a miracle such as this, what's wrong with creation 5 minutes ago? It would be scarcely more difficult for the Creator to create all of us sitting here, with our memories of events that never really happened, with our worn shoes that were never really new, with spots of soup that were never really spilled on our ties, and so on. Such a beginning is logically possible, but extremely hard to believe!” Thornton Leigh Page (1913- ) U. S. Astrophysicist. Stars and Galaxies. Prentice-Hall This makes our universe that much more amazing! It is hard to wrap our linear time minds around it but it is possible. Just as God made man Adam and not fetus Adam, He made Full grown earth and not baby earth. God is that big.
Genesis is Allegorical 1. It can go with God's character. - Jesus spoke in parables a lot - Revelation and most prophecy are all metaphor (God seems to like us to figure some things out for ourselves) 2. First chapter of Genesis is written very poetically. 3. Day in Hebrew can have three different meanings one of which is "a defined period of time" could possible billions of years. 4. Story of creation goes from simple to more complex Possible flaw- death has to occur before fall of man.