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A Flowchart by colleenmarie. See colleenmarie's 4me blog page.
Viewed 572 times. Created October 2013.
This Education flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of colleenmarie and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.
By colleenmarie
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Intervention to help students with disabilities stay on task: Research

Prater, Joy, Chillman,Temple, Miller 1991 Students with learning disabilities frequently struggle to stay on-task

Blick & Test, 1987-When students are able to increase their on-task behavior their learning also increases

Snyder, 1987-There is a difference between being on-task and actually learning the information

Blick & Test, 1987-Self-monitoring of attention has led to increased levels of productivity in academics

Prater, et. al., 1991-Self-monitoring has been successful with a wide range of students including with disabilities

Friend & Bursuck, 2009- Lower level of achievement can result from hardships with processing, organization & application