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▷ ▶ Light driving Photosynthesis free Science & Nature flowcharts and decision trees.
Science & NatureLight driving Photosynthesis
By asturgill
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Set wavelength of spectrophotometer to 605 nm
put 15 ml of CMS into 30 ml cold beaker with a plastic beaker as an ice bucket on the bottom
Obtain one tube of DCIP and 15 ml of water in flask
obtain 7 test tubes. First one labelled B for blank and the red #1-6
Add 0.5 ml of water and 2.5 CMS to blank tube

place tube #1 in foam pad with the lights off
Cover with parafilm, mix well and record absorbance and time.
Tube #1- 0.5 ml DCIP and 2.5 ml of water
Use blank to zero spectrophotometer
Cover blank with parafilm and mix well

turn on light and expose test tube #! for one minute
Leaving the light on and covering the tube, record test tube #1's absorbance
Repeat last two steps until you have 5 absorbances
Test tube #2- add 0.5 ml DCIP, and 2.5ml of CMS
Repeat steps 11-12 with test tube #2 five times and record all absorbances

Mix tube well then remove foil jacket and cap
Cover test tube #3 with parafilm along with the cap and aluminum foil jacket.
Test tube #3- add 0.5 ml of DCIP, and 2.5 ml of CMS
prepare a foil cap for test tube #3
Wrap test tube #3 with aluminum foil

quickly measure the absorbance of the tube at 605 nm
Put the jacket and cap back on test tube #3 and place it in the light box and record the time
turn on the light and record the absorbance every 1 minute 5 times while reducing the amount of light each time by removing the cap and jacket
Cover the light box with purple cellophane and turn on the light
Test tube #4- add o.5 ml DCIP and 2.5 ml of CMS and mix well

For test tube #6 repeat steps 24-28 with red cellophane
For test tube #5 repeat steps 24-28 with green cellophane
Record the absorbance and repeat step 27 until 5 readings are made.
Place test tube #4 under in the light box with the purple cellophane for 1 minute
Take the absorbance of Test tube #4

For test tube #7 repeat steps 24-28 with another colored cellophane
open Microsoft Excel and enter time(x-axis) and absorbance at 605 nm (y-axis) on adjoining columns
highlight the date and select chart wizard
Click XY scatter chart type
Highlight the columns button