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A Flowchart by jowa. See jowa's 4me blog page.
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By jowa
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Hiring a Security Guard

S/S indentifies Staffing Requirement on site
Are there any qualified internal candidates? (Check with Regional OPS)
Complete Recruitment Request Form to notify HR
HR sends screened applications to S/S
S/S interviews a candidate.

Is the candidate qualified for the job and have they accepted the position?



Hire internal candidate
Thank candidate for the meeting. Continue interviewing other candidates.
Complete Licensing forms and send to OPS.

Complete Onboarding and send forms to

OPS Sends forms to DOJ.

Did the DOJ approve the license?


OPS will Re-do forms and submit to DOJ again, or will notify S/S to continue interviewing other candidates.
OPS Sends Licensing info to

HR enters new employees into Winteam.

Employees will not be entered unless their forms are fully completed.

HR will advise OPS when employees are entered.

OPS updates Master Schedule and advises S/S when the changes have been made.

S/S can add the new employee to the schedule