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Which Desktop Computer Should I Buy?
The right desktop computer for you SelectSmart.comdepends upon your needs, preferences and budget. The first decisions is often about desktops vs. laptops. Desktops generally deliver more performance for the price, compared to laptops but you will sacrifice portability. Desktops are also more upgradeable. Answer these questions and this selector will direct you to the most appropriate desktop(s). We included over three dozen of the most highly rated and best reviewed desktops available.

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1. Which of these styles would you prefer?

Full-size desktop computers
Screen not included. If you are inclined to work your PC and upgrade parts, a full-size desktop tower may be for you. They take up a bit more space, but they'll last longer and grow with you thanks to their expandability.

Compact desktop computers
Screen not included. If your space is limited, and don't plan on upgrading your computer, this quiet machine with its compact chassis is a good choice. Performance and processing power are not its strong suits.

All-in-one desktop computers
Screen included. These combine the sleekness of laptops with the power of a traditional tower desktops.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority

2. Which operating system do you prefer?
Mac OS X Mac operating system has traditionally been more stable than Windows. Because there are fewer Macs, they are not a common target for virus writers.
Windows 8, 8.1 More hardware options than Macs, both in terms of external looks and internal components. Many popular games get released later on Macs, and many don't get a Mac version at all.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority

3. Check any of the features that you know you want.
Depending on how you use your computer, some may be an unnecessary added expense.
Touchscreen Included with all-in-one desktops only.
Good for gamers. More powerful designed for intensive 3D video games. The games won't stop or stutter.
Wireless mouse
Wireless keyboard
Memory-card reader. At least one flash memory-card slot (CF, SD, XD, MS, etc).
Speakers (included with computer).
Digital video out Has a DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort video output for sending a digital video signal to a computer monitor or HDTV.
Thunderbolt port Thunderbolt is a new high-speed port for connecting peripherals such as an external hard drive.
Central Processing Unit Also known as the CPU, the processor runs commands and handles data.

Prioritize your choice above:
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High Priority

4. Screen size in diagonal inches
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen for all-in-one desktops only.
19.5 to 22.9 inches
23 to 26.9 inches
27 to 29 inches

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority

5. Optical drive. This reads and/or writes to CDs and DVDs.
Blu-ray reader Allows you to play high-definition movies.
DVD burner Allows you to read and write to DVDs.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority

6. RAM.
This memory is a temporary storage area for data. You will want at least 8GB if you plan to run several large applications at the same time.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority

7. Storage.
The amount of storage, a permanent area for the operating system, programs and data such as documents, music, and media files.

Prioritize your choice above:
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High Priority

8. Video memory
The amount of dedicated memory built into a graphics adapter. Most models have integrated graphics, which have no dedicated memory but are still suitable for most applications, including photo editing and watching movies. Others have discrete graphics adapters, which typically have 256 MB or more video memory, to deliver smoother and more realistic graphics for 3D games.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority

9. What is your price range?
$250 to $499
$500 to $999
$1000 to $1499
$1500 to $1999
$2000 to $2500

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority
High Priority
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