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Customer Search - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Customer Search
By Julie
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Application Entry

Customer Search-

Did the information entered retrieve a match?

Yes, the information entered found a match

Only some of the information was a match

No, the information entered did not find a match

Has the Customer, Account, or Service Address been benefited for the active program year?

If there is only 1 active Pg/Yr, click Add a New Customer.

(If there is more than 1 active Pg/Yr check CCES Guidelines before adding a New Customer).

No, the customer, account number, or service address has not been benefited for the active program year.

(If there is more than 1 active Pg/Yr check the current CCES Guidelines before adding an application)

Yes the customer, account or service address has been benefited for the active program year.

If funds are available and the applicant qualifies for assitance, ADD AN APPLICATION.

Even if the applicant is eligible, the application can still be denied based on no funds available.
In this case you would still add a denied application.

If it's a new customer applying but the service address or account number has already been benefited for the active program year, add a new customer and DENY THE APPLICATION based on HouseHold already served.

If the customer is appying for assistance again within the same program year,DENY THE APPLICATION based on Household already served.