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Run Intake Process - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Run Intake Process
By Nicole
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Run Intake Process
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Rich/Robert check in runs from packets.

100% Complete

Runs are turned into Stephanie for QA

QA Process

Incorrect run...Held by Stephanie for completion.
If runs are missing from packets, Rich/ Robert hold whole day until 100% are turned in

Completed/ Correct runs are turned into Billing department

Run Completed/ Corrected by Medic

Sonia takes date of service turned in by QA on table.

Prints Call detail Sheets for all calls recorded in MRES and places in runs.
Run Intake Process Complete

Calls are separated by Payer and given to Corresponding Biller.

All insurance is verified on each call and Data Entered

All contracts are pulled and given to Tina.

Any Call Detail Sheets that do not have corresponding run is held in file to show QA has held for corrections