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Customs clearance - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Customs clearance
By Moni
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LAG ships the goods

(STEP-1A) LAG sends the original shipping documents & B/L after 4-5days .

(STEP-2) LD-DXB receives the original documents and formally notifies MIAL's Insurance company in India through fax.

(STEP-2A) LD-BOM prepares the new invoice + MIAL's waiver letter and couriers it to LD-DXB .

(STEP-2B) replaces the orignal invoice with the new invoice received from LD-BOM and adds the Beneficiary's inspection certificate to it.
(STEP-2B) LD-DXB sends the complete set of documents to the Deutche Bank DXB

Deutche Bank DXB sends the documents to SCB -BOM .

SCB-BOM refers the documents to MIAL for verification.

MIAL verifies the documents.

(STEP-4B) MIAL returns the documents to SCB-BOM for final bank endorsement .
MIAL receives the endorsed documents from the bank for Custom clearance .

Custom Clearance by MIAL

After Custom clearance the goods are transferred by MIAL to the warehouse.

Goods are inspected by MIAL's QC/Depa's QC at the "Goods-In" stage.