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Music to your ears - Music...a Flowchart
Music. Music to your ears
By Miss_Versace
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I am very excited to be given the opportunity to express my ideas on this particular topic which I am so very fond of. Coming from a largely musical background with a violin teacher for a mother and a piano teacher for a Grandmother, it's not hard to guess which two instruments I play.

From being brought up listening to various artists from Debussy to George Michael, and learning about different periods of music, it is interesting to see nowadays how society has transformed the way we look at music. It seems that these days the ultimate dream is to be recognised by the world, regardless of what for. I challenge all readers to listen to the new world symphony by Anton Dvorak and follow it by any one of Lady Gaga's songs (they all sound the same) and pick out the similarities. What are the similarities between these two pieces of music that can make them be considered as both music? It is important that the world does not lose site of the historical music that set the foundations for our number one hits today. Although a lot of music today is very good, people should step outside their musical comfort zone and take time to listen to different styles of music, and music from different periods. They may be pleasantly surprised to find a melody which speaks to them. On that corny note I shall leave you to ponder on these thoughts and possibly hit YouTube to find some great new music.

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