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For the love of Nicky - Pets...a Flowchart
Pets. For the love of Nicky
By Holly
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It has been said that the love of an animal, is the most precious gifts that one can receive. I have had the misfortune of having bad health most of my life, but each and every time I have had a downfall, or a surgery, you can bet that Nicky is going to be right beside me on my bed. He will lie so close to me that one would think he would be crushed, but there he stays. He will hardly ever move, as it seems that he is afraid that any movement may hurt me. I have had my little Nicholas Alexander for over 15 years and though he is failing a bit, his eyesight is all but gone, he finds his way to me. He still wants to be near his Mommy.

It is my turn now to see that he is to receive the love he has given me all of these years, he will know that Mommy has known true love, and that love was given so sweetly by a little eight pound Yorkie. I adore this little guy, and I thank God each and every day for having given me the happiness and love that only a dog and it's owner can have. One day I will no longer have my Nicky, and it will be a sad lonely time, but he will have left such a memory that it would take years to remember them all. God bless you my little warrior, for that is what you have been all of these years.