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So you think you know animals? - Pets...a Flowchart
Pets. So you think you know animals?
By DelilahJo
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Many people think they know animals. Many people think that animals live off of instinct and instinct alone. Many people think that animals cannot communicate or love. These people have never had a dog curl up around them when they had a fever. These people never had a cat sit at the door and meow at everyone who passed by. Animals are much smarter than most people think. I have a small dog who will tell me when she wants something, whether she wants a treat, water or to be let outside. That dog is also by my side like glue if I'm not feeling well. I have a cat who will ask to go outside or for some cat treats. The cat lies down on some heated blankets, even when they aren't on, because they retain heat for her.
I have seen a show on tv where they were talking about the intelligence of a dog. This dog could follow commands that were written down. They said that the dog couldn't read- she was simply memorizing a series of symbols and relating it to its meaning. Last time I checked, that's what reading was. She may not be able to whip out "A Christmas Carol" and read it, but she can read at a first grade level.
There's a cat in England who, when the weather's nice, will walk to the train station, board a train, and take it to the same aquarium everytime he goes. When he's finished watching the fish, he leaves the aquarium, gets back on the train and goes home. The manager of the aquarium says he's often more well behaved than human guests- there are guests that attempt to touch the fish when the top of the tank is left open, and the cat doesn't even care. So, when you think Fido's just looking at you funny, or when Fluffy's meowing while sitting by the treat drawer, give more thought to what they might want. Fido might want a carrot and Fluffy seems to want a cat treat!