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From the Mundane to the Magickal - Metaphysical...a Flowchart
Metaphysical. From the Mundane to the Magickal
By WyllowLylly
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We all know the word "magic," but have you ever seen it spelled "magick," and wondered why the heck it had that extra letter on the end? I'll give you a brief explanation.

The word "magic" is used when referencing things like stage magic (magicians and the like). "Magick" is something entirely different all together. Magick is what we witches call what we do, though there are some witches out there who use both interchangeably or just stick to "magic," so as not to confuse anyone. However, there are also those of the magickal persuasion who find the use of the word "magic," when used to describe what they do, offensive to say the least. Magick is spell work or energy manipulation, however you want to view it. Those who are offended by the term "magic" have sufficient reason to be offended because they find it demeaning to their work. We aren't magicians pulling rabbits out of hats, doves from strings of scarves, or sawing people in half only to reconnect their two parts again in front of your very eyes.

Magick is serious work for those who practice it. It involves a lot of concentration and training of ones whole self to master the manipulation and direction of energy for such things as spells. Spells are not instant, in most cases. They take time and energy. The more energy sent out for a spell, the greater it's potential for success.

This is not to say that stage magic is not difficult as well, but it requires a different kind of skill and training to perfect. You won't find me on stage making some little furry critter vanish into thin air anytime soon, as I do not possess that particular skill. You may, however, find me outside hugging a tree and calling on Cerridwen to instill a greater knowledge within me.

Stay tuned folks!