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the Werewolf within us - Horror...a Flowchart
Horror. the Werewolf within us
By Darkfurwolf
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Half of the worlds population believes that they are some sort of monstrous creature. Half of that believes that they are werewolves. I would personally have to say that no one knows if they exist. Most of the articles you find on the Internet are false, because they are from non 'wolves. Trust me because from one wolf to another, there is only a few symptoms that most people find.

First of all, lets get rid of the movie goers' ideas. If bitten by a werewolf, you do not feel immediately better and full of energy. You would get really sick because your body will be changing. Only after and if your body accepts the changes you will feel the affects of the Lycanism/werewolf. Your body will slowly go through these changes (the same thing for those of us who are born, like I was). It will be a very scary thing to go through and most people will die in the process.

The first thing to come will be your heightened hearing, then comes the eyes sight, and the pull towards the full moon (not to mention the energy that comes with it)then the ever lasting hunger that is never quenched. By the don't hunger for human flesh or blood. You will find it delicious but you can survive on steak and potatoes like every other normal human. Finally, and this is usually after a couple years with the above symptoms that you will change, this first change will happen during the full moon, but afterwards you will change whenever you want or when you get really angry. Use your changing wisely, you will be extremely tired three nights after you change. One last little thing that no one knows untill it is too late. You can control your nature. You can control your actions. The wolf inside of you will fight you, but you can control it. If you need help, then seek a mentor but be very careful who you choose and stay in your own race. Don't go to the vampires for help because they don't have experience.

Stay away from slayers--they do exist. They are everywhere. As a werewolf, you'll be able to detect certain scents, but a slayer is a human, they have a human scent. We do not hate the human race or the vampires. We can get along with any other creatures as long as we are careful. If you find yourself infected with the "curse" as some call it be very careful and try to act human, we know it is hard and we forgive you if someone finds out. It's no big secret to most of us. Just be careful that the person you tell or that finds out is trustworthy and will not leak this info onto the Internet (not that anyone will believe him), we cannot take the chance of being hunted again like in the olden days...we were almost extinct.

Be careful and stay quiet. Hope to hear you werewolf the next full moon in a full howl.