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witness of the big change - Science Fiction...a Flowchart
Science Fiction. witness of the big change
By Vanjadj
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This Science Fiction. flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of Vanjadj and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.

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I wasn`t into this at the moment... but the World we are living in is in a big metamorphosis! To believe that aliens are among us already long time, is very abstract fact. But I can not believe that human beings are so closed minded after all kinds of strange happenings on this planet. Are we so blindly destroying ourselves just to earn more money on the end of a day, or real S.F. is making it look that way. I am a realistic person, but just for a moment i wanted to see it from perspective of one who does believe that other life forms are manipulating a whole system... humans had a chance to do something good with the planet Earth, since evolution. But only destroying, killing, hating parts of evolution stayed very primitive. Why? Maybe the destiny of this planet are not humans on the end... Amazing fiction or reality?! I am willing to start a serious writing of little amazing stories... where readers can always doubt everything they are so sure about...English is not my first language, so I am sorry for mistakes I make in my writing.
Maybe,soon we will have to learn the language of the future Earth...nothing is as it seems to be!
write you later alligator!

new moment:
Long time my spirit was floating between the worlds, between dimensions of the whole universe! It is amazing how big is the space that surrounds us. If people just believed a bit more in possibility of seeing the space with closed eyes. Yes! Do not laugh. Of course I'm not alone in my head neither are you. It's like opening a door from your house to someone who knocks. If you want to see the person you do go and look the visitor. If not you just pretend "gone fishing". so now and then do you want to know what I like to do? Yes! You are interested in my own voyage through my own spejage. My own window to S.F. life.
A few days ago in this dimension I was comfortable watching how the winter is mysteriously not behaving quite normal. The hedgehogs are still awake and the butterflys still flying their heavenly colors around... and the flowers decided to stay a bit longer this year and make the world extra beautiful. They just wont go to their winter sleep and it is the first day of December actually.... very odd isn't it? The whole world is becoming concisely worried of "the change". And on the days like this I am sitting and watching the world outside who is becoming much more different then what it was for a very long time. It is like I can feel it. My own body is refusing to move. I caught myself giving a wonderful excuse to sit and do nothing maybe on a day like this the best thing to do is just close my eyes. i think that the universe has been also infected by the Earth changing. I'm sure that hedgehogs and flowers wont be offended by my decision not to write about admiring their extraordinary beauty so late and weird.
But just shut my eyes and slide... into a story, into a new moment. So i can fill the whiteness of this page...
Something amazing is happening. I'm still in the normal day on the Earth instead of exploring the cosmos. The funny feeling will not let go of me. The feeling that just may be the most interesting story of the whole universe at the moment is an ordinary (apparent) day on the Earth. Or is it? Why do I say that? Well, as I sit on my comfy chair and watch the nature of December something is quite different! Or shall I say a lot is different!
It is a wonderful sunny summer afternoon here on the country side. My feet are walking to a place that looks like a big farm. The animals are there but they look too aware of me and like they are looking, observing me and even whispering about me. I do not believe it, they are capable of standing on their back feet. If i look better at "the farm", there are no traces of humans existing there. "The Farm" is their world, their home. Made of natural materials from all over the world. Like I'm looking at a masterpiece of the best human architects and designers, project made 100% bio. But humans are not there and then it does not look like anything i have seen before.
I'm very sorry but I will have to disappoint you if you expect any further writing about that place now... or many other incredible things that I might write in the future and you will love it. Why I dare to be so sure of you loving it? Because I believe that is the place that exists in all of us. We all have this perfect part of nature in us. Like surviving instinct but then in its own perfection because nature surrounding is also perfect. It's like I slide from my normal life which is in the bad period (our climate change disasters and troubles through last decades). Then I'm suddenly in its total opposite. The part of the time where the climate in the word is perfect. The change has just happened in that world get stabilized after and now finally enjoying it because that is the only thing possible to follow - the perfect world.
Today is a special day for that world. Something will happen that never happened before. If you loosen up your imagination you can create your own picture of what went on after this day.
The day when the love was in the air so much that everybody loved everybody no one had appetite for meat and like things went funny that day.
Beautiful piggy Milica went for a walk with her girlfriends. They ended up sitting on a beach and snacking delicious mint leaves and slurping warm water from a puddle laying on the sun next to them. To make things much easier, Milica didnt like to bend down every time she wished to enjoy a lovely taste of fresh mint and luke warm water so she found a reed-stick that was ideally hollow to transport that heaven of tastes into her mouth. She have to move muscle for it except her pinky as sign of comfort and glamor in her own discovery. Milica was very pleased enjoying maybe her first "cup of tea". Next to them one monkey was sitting. Friends called him George. He was trying to enjoy his lunch. He had a little problem same as everything at the time his favorite fruit was in over wellness. Coconut of course. Somehow he always had a dream of consuming it with much more ease and there it was, he could not believe his eyes! One beautiful pink soft lady, sitting across and having her puddle water so easy, so sexy, so unique! His hart was in his big monkey ears. Bonk, bonk! Like an echo spreading around him, slowly coming to her pointy ears bonky sound of his hart. The most hart inviting and confusing sound that she ever heard. Sluuuuuuurp... slurp, cough, cough, oink, oink?! "What is happening to me?". - she said while staring at George who stared back probably thinking the same. He was astonished by this discovery. He took an reed-stick too, very slowly, very gently, because was nearly touching Milicas shoulder. That felt sensationally good. At the end, he could not help escape the felling that he is more attracted to Milica then the reed-stick discovery.
He put the reed-stick in the coconut and as much as he would like to have his first slurp of it he handed it over to Milica. Of course after a life time struggle with the coconut imagine the greatness of his hart. While carefully passing the coconut to her fluffy piggy foot he said: "You have an honor to be the first, without you I would not be able to enjoy it either". She giggled a bit... "Oink, slurp! Delicious! You are the most kind and pretty monkey that i know."
"And you are the most charming, elegant and ingenious inventor with whom I would like to share a coconut and the reed-stick patent for ever and ever." She giggled and bashed...
Later on, after several months Milica became a full loving mother to a creature looking like us.
They lived happily ever after!