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1Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Animagus Form Would You Have?
2Multi-Choice SelectorThe Class That You Would Teach at Hogwarts
3Multi-Choice SelectorSortare
4Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Sorting Hat
5Multi-Choice SelectorWhich ''Ship'' are you?
6Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts House Sorter
7Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts House
8Multi-Choice SelectorCrazy Good Sorting Hat Quiz
9Multi-Choice SelectorSorting Quiz
10Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character Do You Look Like?
11Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Hogwarts House Welcomes You?
12Multi-Choice SelectorHouse Selector
13Multi-Choice SelectorComprehensive Sorting Hat
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1Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you like?
2Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you most compatible with?
3Yes/No SelectorWhat's your Hogwarts House? (from Harry Potter)
4Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter wand selector (the wand chooses)
5Yes/No SelectorWhich patronus are you?
6Yes/No SelectorA More Meaningful Harry Potter House Sorter
7Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Quiz
8Yes/No SelectorThe Harry Potter Match Maker (or Find your true HP love)
9Yes/No SelectorA que casa de Hogwarts pertenezco?
10Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you most likely to date?
11Yes/No SelectorWhat is your patronus?
12Yes/No SelectorWhat Class At Hogwarts Would YOU Be Best At?
13Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter man is right for you?
14Yes/No SelectorWhat animagus type would YOU be?
15Yes/No SelectorA Really Intellectual Sorting Hat Quiz!
16Yes/No SelectorQuidditch Position Selector
17Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Selector
18Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
19Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like
20Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter character are you?
21Yes/No SelectorYour Harry Potter boyfriend and what the other characters think about you
22Yes/No SelectorA look inside your mind!
23Yes/No SelectorThe Hogwarts Sorting Hat
24Yes/No SelectorHogwarts class selector
25Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Character Selector *With some actually DIFFERENT, UNIQUE questions!*
26Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Wand Lengths
27Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you most like?
28Yes/No SelectorA que personaje de Harry Potter te pareces más?
29Yes/No SelectorWhat professor are you most like?
30Yes/No SelectorWhat animagus are you?
31Yes/No SelectorWhich HP spell are you?
32Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like?
33Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character should be your boyfriend?
34Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Slash Couple Best Fits You?
35Yes/No SelectorAre you too Harry Potter Obsessed?
36Yes/No SelectorWhat Quidditch Position Should You Play?
37Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Guy is Right For You?
38Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Couple Selector
39Yes/No SelectorWhat Wizard Job Best Suits You?
40Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
41Yes/No SelectorWould you be in Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff?
42Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts pet are you most suited for?
43Yes/No SelectorVery Detailed Quiz - Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
44Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter personality Quiz
45Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat Ritual
46Yes/No SelectorWhich HP character would have a crush on YOU?
47Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter character would you be?
48Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat Quiz
49Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character Are YOU most like?
50Yes/No SelectorWho Are You Muggle-Born, Half-Blood or Pure Blood?
51Yes/No SelectorWhat Hogwarts Student Would You Most Likely Go Out With?
52Yes/No Selector~*HaRrY PoTtEr ChArAcTeR SeLeCtOr*~
53Yes/No SelectorWhat Quidditch Player are you?
54Yes/No SelectorWhich Potter Person Are YOU??!!
55Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter House Selector
56Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
57Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are YOU most likely to date?
58Yes/No SelectorThe Best Harry Potter Character Selector!
59Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you most like???? Find out here!!!!!
60Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts' Class Would you Be Good At?
61Yes/No SelectorMagical Menagerie Familar Selector
62Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter couple do you REALLY ship?
63Yes/No SelectorVem är du i Harry Potter?
64Yes/No SelectorWho's your soulmate?
65Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Girl character are you?
66Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You?
67Yes/No SelectorWho's Your Perfect Harry Potter Guy?
68Yes/No SelectorSprechende Hut
69Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character do you most look like?
70Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder is your Man?
71Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Compatibility
72Yes/No SelectorOn Which Ship Should You Sail?
73Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Male Star Will You Most Likely Date?
74Yes/No SelectorWhat is your bloodline? (muggle born, half pure, muggle)
75Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder Generation Harry Potter Character Are You?
76Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Career Selector
77Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter personality test
78Yes/No SelectorWhich wand will choose you?
79Yes/No SelectorSecretly~ Which Harry Potter Character do you Like*Love?
80Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts Teacher is your Soulmate?
81Yes/No SelectorWhich Founder Of Hogwarts Are You?
82Yes/No Selector¿Que chico de Harry Potter va mejor con vos?
83Yes/No SelectorAre you a Werewolf, Vampire or Human?
84Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter broom stick choser
85Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter female character is your soulmate?
86Yes/No SelectorWhich Death Eater of the Harry Potter series fits you?
87Yes/No SelectorWho's Your Harry Potter Love?
88Yes/No SelectorWhich Person Of Harry Potter:1 Are You Most Like?
89Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Personality Test
90Yes/No SelectorWhat's your Bogart?
91Yes/No SelectorWho Are You In Harry Potter Land?
92Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter girl are you?
93Yes/No SelectorWhich Weasley are you most like?
94Yes/No SelectorWhich Minor Harry Potter Character are You?
95Yes/No SelectorWhich Weasley are you most like?
96Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter uberfic are you?
97Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Dragon are you?
98Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts Student Are You?
99Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you?
100Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter House Selector
101Yes/No SelectorQuidditch Teams
102Yes/No Selectorharry potter house quiz
103Yes/No SelectorHogwarts :What character are you most like?
104Yes/No SelectorWho's Your Hogwarts Double?
105Yes/No SelectorWhat family do you belong to?
106Yes/No SelectorThe Wand Chooses the Wizard
107Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter magical creature are you
108Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Personality Quiz
109Yes/No SelectorThe Harry Potter Love Selector
110Yes/No SelectorWich guy from Harry Potter would you date?
111Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter professor are you?
112Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter guy is right for you?
113Yes/No SelectorMoony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs?
114Yes/No SelectorThe Marauder's Selector
115Yes/No SelectorWhich HP villain are you?
116Yes/No SelectorCual es tu amor de Harry Potter?(chicas)
117Yes/No SelectorWho is your HP secret crush?
118Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter boy is your best partner?
119Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
120Yes/No SelectorWhich random Harry Potter character are you?
121Yes/No SelectorWhat Wizarding School would you be put in?
122Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you most compatable with?
123Yes/No SelectorWhat is your inner animal?
124Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Wand Selector
125Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter book are you?
126Yes/No SelectorWhat Career Would Best Suit YOU at Hogwarts?
127Yes/No SelectorWhich is the wand for you?
128Yes/No SelectorThe Hogwarts Sorting Hat!
129Yes/No SelectorWho is your Harry Potter Alter Ego?
130Yes/No Selectorthe real you of Harry Potter (teacher edition)
131Yes/No SelectorHow Evil Are You - A Harry Potter Quiz
132Yes/No SelectorWho is your perfect Harry Potter match? (male)
133Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Selector
134Yes/No SelectorWhat Magical Creature are You Most Like??
135Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder Are You?
136Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts House should You be In?
137Yes/No SelectorWelcome! To Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft
138Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Pet Are You?
139Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter love selector
140Yes/No SelectorHogwarts House Chooser
141Yes/No SelectorThe Definitive Online Sorting Hat
142Yes/No SelectorIf You Went to Hogwarts, Who Would Be Your Crush?
143Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?
144Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Fans Guild Sorting Hat
145Yes/No SelectorWhich 'First Generation' Harry Potter Charactor are you most like?
146Yes/No SelectorHogwarts Schoolhouse Sorting Hat
147Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter School For You?
148Yes/No SelectorWhat is your made up Harry Potter name?
149Yes/No SelectorHogwarts House Selector
150Yes/No SelectorWhich Slytherin sorcerer are you?
151Yes/No SelectorWhich Gryffindor Character are you most like?
152Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts House Would the Sorting Hat Put You In?
153Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Test
154Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Candy are you?
155Yes/No SelectorPolyjuice Potion Sorting!
156Yes/No SelectorWhich Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher are YOU?
157Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Slash Pairing
158Yes/No SelectorWhat would Harry Potter Say the First Time He Meets You ?
159Yes/No SelectorWhich Ghost Are You?
160Yes/No SelectorWhich character is your soulmate?
161Yes/No SelectorWhat magical creature are you?
162Yes/No SelectorPerfect Harry Potter Match
163Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are u?
164Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts qudditch player are you?
165Yes/No SelectorWhich BCOH Death Eater are you?
166Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder-Time Character are you?
167Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Marauder Are You?
168Yes/No SelectorWhich House Do You Belong in?
169Yes/No SelectorWhich Defence against the Dark Arts Teacher are you?
170Yes/No SelectorWhich HP character would u most likely date?
171Yes/No SelectorWhat book character are you like the most?
172Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter character are you?
173Yes/No Selectorthe real you of Harry Potter (student edition)
174Yes/No SelectorAre you a powerful or weak witch or wizard.
175Yes/No SelectorWhose your perfect Potter Fella ? (For Girls)
176Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter House Sorter
177Yes/No SelectorHogwarts School of W & W Sorting Hat
178Yes/No SelectorWhich Wizarding Profession Would You Be?
179Yes/No SelectorMagical Job
180Yes/No SelectorCompatibility between a Hot Harry Potter Character Selector
181Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You? (With Half-Blood Prince Characters)
182Yes/No Selectorwhat famous wizard are you?
183Yes/No SelectorWhat Quidditch position are you?
184Yes/No SelectorWhat Hogwart's Professor are you most like?
185Yes/No SelectorWhich Pernese dragon would you ride?
186Yes/No SelectorWhat Marauder time Kid Are You?
187Yes/No SelectorThe Totally Important-Life-Depending-Animagi Quiz
188Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Sorting Hat
189Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Animal Are You?
190Yes/No SelectorThe not Slytherin Sorting Hat quiz
191Yes/No SelectorWhich Quidditch Ball are you?
192Yes/No SelectorDo you have what it takes to face a Basilisk?
193Yes/No SelectorYet Another Sorting Hat
194Yes/No SelectorHogwarts House Sorting Hat
195Yes/No SelectorWhich Unforgivable Curse Are You?
196Yes/No SelectorWhich Unforgivable Curse Are You
197Yes/No SelectorWhich Wand for You
198Yes/No SelectorWitches Quiz
199Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you most like?
200Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Sorting Hat
201Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of half-human are you?
202Yes/No SelectorWhich HP Slash Pairing do you Ship For?
203Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Man Is For You?
204Yes/No SelectorWhich Potter girl is right for you?
205Yes/No Selectorwhich harry potter character do you relate to the most?
206Yes/No SelectorWhat Animagus Are You?
207Yes/No SelectorHogwarts Best Buddy
208Yes/No Selectorharry potter caracter
209Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Person are YOU Most Like?
210Yes/No SelectorAre You Obsessed With Harry Potter? (Be Honest!)
211Yes/No SelectorWho are you most like in Harry Potter's world?
212Yes/No SelectorWhich * slash fanfic * couple do you favor?
213Yes/No SelectorThe best Harry Potter personality test EVER!!!!!!!!!!
214Yes/No SelectorWho are you in Harry's Dorm
215Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Couple are you?
216Yes/No SelectorMugglenet Personality Quiz- Which Character Are You?
217Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat Ceremony
218Yes/No SelectorWhich 1975 Character Are You?
219Yes/No SelectorWho Am I?
220Yes/No SelectorHow big of a Harry Potter fan are you?
221Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
222Yes/No SelectorAre you obsessed with Harry Potter?
223Yes/No SelectorWho do you love? And will he like you back?
224Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you?
225Yes/No SelectorQuais são suas chances com Rupert Grint?
226Yes/No SelectorHogwarts School Forever Sorting Hat
227Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Fan Fic Sorting Hat
228Yes/No SelectorHow Obsessed With Harry Potter Are You?
229Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
230Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Sorting Hat
231Yes/No SelectorWhat is your patronus?
232Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
233Yes/No SelectorHARRY; RON; HERMIONE AND MORE TAKE YOUR PICK!!!personality test
234Yes/No SelectorWhat Hogwarts House are you?
235Yes/No SelectorWhat Profession Will You Be Most Sucessful In?
236Yes/No SelectorWhich_Weasley
237Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are You? (Student edition)
238Yes/No SelectorWhat Spell-Casting Style Are You?
239Yes/No SelectorYour Perfect [ Prefect?] Wizard
240Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter blind date
241Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Selector
242Yes/No SelectorIvy's Wands
243Yes/No SelectorAnimagus Time
244Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
245Yes/No SelectorHogwarts sorting hat
246Yes/No SelectorWhat fantasy book do you belong in?
247Yes/No SelectorWho is your Harry Potter Sugar Daddy?
248Yes/No SelectorNot Another Which Harry Potter Character are you? quiz
249Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter/LOTR guy is meant for you?
250Yes/No SelectorFind your perfect HP Man!
251Yes/No SelectorWhich Footsteps Character are you?
252Yes/No SelectorFind you ideal date!
253Yes/No SelectorHogwarts House
254Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter
255Yes/No SelectorWhich Weasley Are YOU?
256Yes/No SelectorWhich Sirius Black are you?
257Yes/No SelectorAre you a Harry Potter Fan?
258Yes/No SelectorTiger, Hawk, Dragon, or Horse?
259Yes/No SelectorPolyjuice Potion Sorting Hat
260Yes/No SelectorThe Harry Potter Sorting Hat
261Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Sorting hat
262Yes/No SelectorWhich Triwizard Champion Are You
263Yes/No SelectorWho You should date if you were a harry potter charecter.
264Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry potter character are you most like?
265Yes/No SelectorThe Chosen One
266Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Magical Creatures Selector
267Yes/No SelectorA (Hopefully Original) House Selector
268Yes/No SelectorTransfiguration Quiz
269Yes/No Selectorwhat character could be are you? who do u like?
270Yes/No SelectorTide or Bleach - How would you survive in the Muggle world?
271Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
272Yes/No SelectorWhich Professor are you
273Yes/No SelectorWhich 'The Truth' Character Are You?
274Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter animagi are you?
275Yes/No SelectorLop-Lop's Harry Potter Character Selector: Who are YOU most like?
276Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry potter character are you most like?
277Yes/No Selectorwhat harry potter male is the best for you?
278Yes/No SelectorWhat school would you do best at?
279Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Morals
280Yes/No SelectorSortin Hat
281Yes/No SelectorWhich wand works for you?
282Yes/No Selectorwhich slytherin are you most compatible with?
283Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter character are you?
284Yes/No SelectorWho Are You In Hogwarts?
285Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter kids and you.
286Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Sorting
287Yes/No SelectorWhich Quidditch Position will you play?
288Yes/No SelectorWhat Room in Hogwart's are you Most Like?
289Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts Founder are You?
290Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of Harry Potter fan are YOU?
291Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder are you??
292Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Charictor Are You Most Compatible With?
293Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Candy
294Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
296Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character That Fits You Most
297Yes/No Selectorharry potter character quiz
298Yes/No SelectorHP Personalities
299Yes/No SelectorWhat HP Kid are you?
300Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Houses
301Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like?
302Yes/No SelectorWhich is Your Best Hogwarts Subject
303Yes/No SelectorWhat Deatheater are YOU most like?
304Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character Are You????
305Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You
306Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Magical Creature Selector
307Yes/No SelectorThe Hogwarts Sorting Hat
308Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter House Selector
309Yes/No SelectorWhat's your inner beastliness?
310Yes/No SelectorWhich Unconventional HP Ship Are You?
311Yes/No SelectorPotter Sorting Hat
312Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you?
313Yes/No SelectorMoSt AcCuRaTe SoRtInG qUiZ on tHe WeB
314Yes/No Selector~Which Marauder Are You~
315Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Matcher
316Yes/No SelectorThe Best HP Character Selecter on EARTH!
317Yes/No SelectorWhich of the four houses do you belong in?
318Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter book is your favorite?
319Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter: Which object would be best for you?
320Yes/No SelectorWho's Your Hogwarts Man?!
321Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts House?
322Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you?
323Yes/No SelectorWhich is your Hogwarts house?
324Yes/No SelectorWho is your HP male soulmate?
325Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat--According to Your Favorite Style Of Music
326Yes/No SelectorThe Best Quiz In The World To Take To Find Out Which Harry Potter Character You Are
327Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Selector
328Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Quiz
329Yes/No SelectorWhat Hogwarts Professor are you compatible with
330Yes/No SelectorWho are you? Harry or Voldemort
331Yes/No SelectorA more original which harry potter character are you selector with a really long title
332Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character are you Best Compatible With?
333Yes/No SelectorThe Hogwarts Sorting Hat
334Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Family Do You Belong In?
335Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Quiz
336Yes/No SelectorH2G2 Sorting Hat
337Yes/No SelectorWhat's your /real/ house?
338Yes/No Selector2009 which potter character are you
339Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat Test
340Yes/No SelectorMarauder Time!
341Yes/No SelectorYour Sorting Hat: Which Hogwarts House would you be in?
342Yes/No SelectorFor I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat!
343Yes/No SelectorWhere do you find yourself in the Royal Court?
344Yes/No Selectorwhat hogwarts house u r best sutied for
345Yes/No SelectorLop-Lop's Sorting Hat
346Yes/No SelectorWhich HEX Ravenclaw Leader Are You
347Yes/No SelectorThe Harry Potter Sorting Hat
348Yes/No Selectorwhich Quiddich Position do u play?
349Yes/No SelectorY'all Ball Dress Selector
350Yes/No SelectorWhich character of the Harry Potter Trio are you?
351Yes/No SelectorWhich guy Harry Potter charactor are you destined to be with
352Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder Are You?
353Yes/No SelectorThe only INSIGHTFUL Harry Potter Character Selector
354Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
355Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Quiz
356Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you like? With new characters.
357Yes/No SelectorWich Weasley Character are you???
358Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry POtter Character Are You?
359Yes/No SelectorHPDB Sorting Hat Ritual
360Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwart's student (from Harry Potter) would you be?
361Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter best Match
362Yes/No SelectorWhich House will you be sorted in?
363Yes/No SelectorWhich Animagus form is yours?
364Yes/No SelectorYour wand? or Their Wand?
365Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
366Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
367Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Personalities
368Yes/No SelectorWhich character from Godcake's Harry Potter RP do you date?
369Yes/No SelectorWhich house would be your Hogwarts family?
370Yes/No SelectorWhich Pair of Socks are YOU most like???
371Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts scene are you?
372Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Quizes
373Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
374Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter class are YOU going to succeed in?
375Yes/No SelectorWhich magical creature are you?
376Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
377Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts House Do You TRULY Belong in?
378Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts Student Are You?
379Yes/No Selectorwhat Daniel Radcliffe are u Quiz
380Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You?
381Yes/No SelectorHogwarts Xpressing House Selector
382Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
383Yes/No SelectorHogwarts Sorting Hat
384Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you most like?
385Yes/No SelectorFantastic Beasts and Where to Find them
386Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
387Yes/No SelectorWhich two kink couple are you?
388Yes/No SelectorThe OOTP Harry Potter quiz
389Yes/No SelectorCouple Selector
390Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
391Yes/No SelectorThe MROM Hogwarts House Selector
392Yes/No SelectorWhat would your fate in the Wizardry World be?
393Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
394Yes/No SelectorThe Hogwarts Sorting Hat
395Yes/No SelectorCould You Be A Death Eater?
396Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Quiz
397Yes/No SelectorElcevedrin School of Sorcery
398Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter
399Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character's Should Go Together?
400Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are YOU Most Like?
401Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are YOU?
402Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat!
403Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter dragon do you fight in the Tri-Wizard Tornament?
404Yes/No SelectorSORTING HAT
405Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character are you?
406Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character
407Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Person Quiz
408Yes/No SelectorWhich Percy are you?
409Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
410Yes/No SelectorOrder Of The PheonixRP Sorting Hat
411Yes/No SelectorWho Are You With Harry Potter?
412Yes/No Selectorwhat house do you belong in?
413Yes/No SelectorCursed by a Character Quiz
414Yes/No SelectorAre you like Harry Potter?
415Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
416Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat- Ill show you where you ought to be
417Yes/No SelectorWhat House at Hogwarts would you be in?
418Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter character selector
419Yes/No SelectorDark Creature Selector
420Yes/No SelectorAnimagus selector 1
421Yes/No SelectorWhat Creature Are You?
422Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Hubby Seclector
423Yes/No SelectorWelcome to the Best Harry Potter Selector EVER!
424Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character you are most like
425Yes/No SelectorThe OTHER Sorting Hat
426Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character are You?
427Yes/No Selectorwhat Harry potter friend are you
428Yes/No SelectorWhat wizard or witch are you?
429Yes/No SelectorWhat House Are You In?
430Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter!
431Yes/No SelectorWhich Couples Float Your Boat
432Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
433Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
434Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character has the same toothbrush color as you?
435Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter and the Indigo Genuii
436Yes/No SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like?
437Yes/No SelectorMinor HP Character
438Yes/No SelectorWhich Hogwarts House do you belong in?
439Yes/No SelectorWhich Order Member Are You
440Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat Awaits ...
441Yes/No SelectorYOUR TIME TO PICK!
442Yes/No SelectorHogwarts Sorting Hat
443Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
444Yes/No SelectorTFHP Sorting Hat
445Yes/No SelectorWhat painted pet are you
446Yes/No SelectorQuidditch Position
447Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You?
448Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter character selector
449Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
450Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
451Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Shamans
452Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Selector
453Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
454Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You Like?
455Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
456Yes/No SelectorSara's House Quiz
457Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat by Choices
458Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are you most like?
459Yes/No SelectorLost for a Name? Get one Now!! Hogwarts!
460Yes/No Selectora really deep test - what harry potter character are you?
461Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter House Selection
462Yes/No SelectorWhich member of the Order of the Phoenix are you?
463Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter child are you?
464Yes/No Selectorwhat hogwarts student are you?
465Yes/No SelectorYour Harry Potter Match!
466Yes/No SelectorDo you love Harry Potter?
467Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
468Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Selector
469Yes/No SelectorAUHP Sorting Hat
470Yes/No SelectorWhat HH Character are you?
471Yes/No SelectorJob Futures!
472Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder are you?
473Yes/No SelectorHogwarts :: A Virtual Adventure Sorting Page
474Yes/No SelectorAdults in ''Harry Potter'' character selector
475Yes/No SelectorWho at Hogwarts would you kug?
476Yes/No SelectorDo you have it in you to face Voldemort?
477Yes/No SelectorAre you Obsessed enough with Harry Potter?
478Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Charecter Selecter
479Yes/No SelectorWhich HP Charactor Are You?
480Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Selector
481Yes/No SelectorThe Sorting Hat
482Yes/No SelectorWelcome. To which House do you belong?
483Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat
484Yes/No SelectorYour Harry potter world quiz
485Yes/No SelectorWhat Character from Third Year or Fourth Year are You?
486Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter
487Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Kid Quiz
488Yes/No SelectorThe Wise Sorting Hat
489Yes/No SelectorWhat is your place at Hogwarts?
490Yes/No SelectorDo you belong in Harry Potter or Charmed?
491Yes/No Selector>ArE u A tRuE hArRy PoTtEr FaNaTiC<
492Yes/No Selectorharry potter girl test(just 4 girls!!)
493Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Quiz (Revised)
494Yes/No SelectorWhich Harry Potter character are YOU most like?
495Yes/No SelectorSorting Hat Selector
496Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter Character Selector
497Yes/No Selector.::The Sorting Hat::.
498Yes/No Selector¿De qué casa soy?
499Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter: Sorting Hat a la ISCA BBS Style
500Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Harry Potter Character Do You Look Like?
501Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Animagus Form Would You Have?
502Multi-Choice SelectorYour Hogwarts Life (Girls)
503Multi-Choice SelectorCrazy Good Sorting Hat Quiz
504Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Hogwarts House Welcomes You?
505Multi-Choice SelectorWhich HP Male are you compatible with?
506Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Hogwarts quidditch player are YOU most like?
507Multi-Choice SelectorThe Best Harry Potter Character Selector (you know it!)
508Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Sorting Hat
509Multi-Choice SelectorWho is your boyfriend at Hogwarts?
510Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts House Sorter
511Multi-Choice SelectorComprehensive Sorting Hat
512Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter Marauder
513Multi-Choice SelectorHouse Selector
514Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts House
515Multi-Choice SelectorWhich ''Ship'' are you?
516Multi-Choice Selectorwhich Weasley are you?
517Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Suewarts House do YOU belong in?
518Multi-Choice SelectorWhich HP Owl are YOU?
519Multi-Choice SelectorSortare
520Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Position Would You Accel At in Quidditch?
521Multi-Choice SelectorThe Class That You Would Teach at Hogwarts
522Multi-Choice SelectorSorting Quiz
523Multi-Choice SelectorThe Sorting Hat
524Multi-Choice SelectorWhere Do You Stand In Hary Potter Land?
525Multi-Choice SelectorThe Sorting Broom
526Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter caracterizarea
527Multi-Choice SelectorSorting Hat
528Multi-Choice SelectorFind your Hogwarts persona
529Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts Houses
530Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter Sorting Hat
531Multi-Choice SelectorA Look Inside Your Mind!
532Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Wizarding Position Suits You Best?
533Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts...No Better Place! School Selector
534Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter House
535Multi-Choice SelectorPeople with Potterish names.
536Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter
537Multi-Choice SelectorHogwarts Selector
538Multi-Choice SelectorThe Hogwarts Sorting Hat
539Multi-Choice SelectorThe Three Broomsticks Inn Sorting Quiz
540Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter People - who are you?
541Multi-Choice SelectorWhich character from my Harry Potter fic are you?
542Multi-Choice SelectorSorting Hat
543Multi-Choice SelectorWhat harry potter house are you in
544Multi-Choice SelectorThe Sorting Hat
545Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Harry Potter Animal are You?
546Multi-Choice Selectorwhat Harry Potter character are you?
547Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Harry Potter Character Are You?
548Multi-Choice SelectorThe Ultimate Harry Potter quiz.
549Multi-Choice SelectorAnimagus time
550Multi-Choice SelectorYour Harry Potter best friend is...
551Multi-Choice SelectorThe Sorting Hat
552Multi-Choice SelectorPonaganset Hogwarts
553Multi-Choice SelectorHarry Potter Females
554Multi-Choice SelectorThe Sorting Hat 2
555Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Character are you most like in Albus Potter?
556Multi-Choice SelectorQuidditich, and what your position is.
557Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is your life like in Hogwarts
558Multi-Choice SelectorWho do you look like in Harry Potter?
559Multi-Choice SelectorThe Sorting Hat
560Multi-Choice SelectorTheSortingHat
561Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Hogwarts house would you be in?
562Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Oceanory house do you belong in?