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  1. Which Godzilla Movie Emanates Your Personality?
  2. What Superpower might you Secretly have?
  3. What is your TRUE Inner Kaiju?
  4. What T.N.G charecter are U?
  5. X-Men Movies
  6. Which of my Double Side characters are you?
  7. Starcraft:Which race are you?????
  8. what is your hidden super power
  9. Which leader in the Battletech universe are you??
  10. Which Babylon 5 race are you from?
  11. Which SG friendly alien are you most like?
  12. What Marvel Hero Are You?
  13. kinetic selecter
  14. What heisei Gamera kaiju are you?
  15. The Lone Swordsman Hero Selector
  16. Which Member of the SG - 1 Team Are You?
  17. Which Creature are YOU??
  18. Robert A. Heinlein Book Selector
  19. Find Your Inner Doctor Who Companion
  20. Find out what Sci-fi movies are fit for you

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