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  1. Tendency Selector
  2. What Ragnarok online job should you be?
  3. Exalted
  4. Which Guardian Are You?
  5. Com que pessoa do AoW voce se identifica mais?
  6. Which Atla character are you?
  7. Which Basic RPG Stereotype do you fit?
  8. Which Harvest Moon character are you?
  9. Which Chrono Cross Character are you most like?
  10. What RPG class best suits your personality
  11. Character Quality Test!
  12. Which Freestar are you?
  13. Which Suikoden 3 Star of Destiny are you?
  14. DnD- Ideal Race and Class Selector- 3ed
  15. What Diablo class are you?
  16. Dragon Selector
  18. Everquest Character Personality Test
  19. ¿Cual es tu facción de Mago: la Ascensión?
  20. Your Fantasy Self

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