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  1. What werewolf tribe do you best belong to?
  2. What Vampire: the Masquerade Clan would you be?
  3. Which Atla character are you?
  4. Ragnarok: which 2-1 or 2-2 job class suits you?
  5. Which W:tA Garou Tribe Do You Belong In?
  6. Which Chrono Cross Character are you most like?
  7. Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
  8. Which starcraft race should I be?
  10. What Fantasy Race are You?
  11. What Kind Of RPG Warrior Are You?
  12. Which Morrowind Race are you?
  13. What Ragnarok online job should you be?
  14. What Element Are You?
  15. What RPG class best suits your personality
  16. Which Type of Magic is Yours?
  17. What kind of werewolf are you?
  18. Everquest Character Personality Test
  19. What armour
  20. The RPG Alignment Selector

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