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  1. What Is Your TRUE Alignment?
  2. Which Of The 8 Villain Archetype Are You?
  3. Which Of The 7 Types Of Heroes Are You?
  4. What race are you? (Revised)
  5. Are you a good person?
  6. what is your main flaw? (women only)
  7. What horse breed are you most like?
  8. Are you a good active listener?
  9. Which Emotion are you?
  10. What Kind Of Person Are You
  11. Which of my Personas are you?
  12. Find YOUR Animal Totem
  13. Emo/Conformist Test
  14. Post apocalyptic test - what type of survivor would you be?
  15. King Arthur Character Selector
  16. Subtype Test I
  17. Which Person from TMS are you?
  18. Which character are you from my book-in-progress?
  19. How Asian are u?
  20. Are you a Tomboy?

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