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  1. Which Blink 182 Band member are you?
  2. What kind of Metalhead are you?
  3. Emo Quiz
  4. Whcih 2gether member are YOU?
  5. What 3LW Member are u?
  6. What Rock & Roll band are you? (Revised)
  7. Which Cure Album Are You?
  8. Which Christina Aguilera song are you?
  9. Which Alkaline Trio member are you most likely to date?
  10. Which Alkaline Trio Album Are You?
  11. Which Alternative Band Are You
  12. Which Shostakovich quartet to play?
  13. What A Perfect Circle song are you?
  14. Which song are you?
  15. how emo are you?
  16. Which Smashing Pumpkins member are you
  17. Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
  18. Which B2K member are you?
  19. Which 'Love Song' Are You?
  20. Which Backstreet Boy are you most like?

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