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  1. What Hannibal Character would you be?
  2. Which Mighty Ducks 2 Character Are You?
  3. Which Girl, Interrupted character are you most like?
  4. Which of The Blues Brothers characters are you?
  5. If Classic Disney Movies had Feelings which would Fancy U?
  6. What Titanic Character Are You?
  7. Which Requiem for a Dream character are you?
  8. Little Shop of Horrors Character Selector
  9. Which Marvel Movie character are you?
  10. Which character from The Crow are you?
  11. Which Lisbon Sister Are YOU?
  12. which slc punk character are you?
  13. Which character from A Clockwork Orange are you?
  14. Which New York Minute Character Are You?
  15. The Brave Little Toaster: Which appliance are you?
  16. Which 'Ghost World' Character Are you?
  17. Who is your Newsies Soul Mate
  18. Witch Ghost from 13 Ghosts Are YOU?
  19. LOTR class selector
  20. What Evil Batman Villain are you?

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