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Member-made Harry Potter Selectors:

  1. Which Hogwarts House is Your Significant Other In?
  2. Which Disney Princess would Sweet Talk or Even Pay the Sorting Hat to Have You in the Same House?
  3. Which Hogwarts Founder are You? (Revised)
  4. Which Hogwarts House Do You TRULY Belong in?
  5. Harry Potter Character Selector
  6. What Harry Potter character would you be?
  7. Are you a powerful or weak witch or wizard.
  8. Who is your perfect Harry Potter match? (male)
  9. What is your inner animal?
  10. What animagus type would YOU be?
  11. What Deatheater are YOU most like?
  12. Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like
  13. What Career Would Best Suit YOU at Hogwarts?
  14. Which House Do You Belong in?
  15. Which Harry Potter Guy is Right For You?
  16. Which patronus are you?
  17. Which Harry Potter Charictor Are You Most Compatible With?
  18. What Harry Potter couple do you REALLY ship?
  19. Which Hogwarts Student Are You?
  20. Find your perfect HP Man!

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