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  1. What color should you wear today?
  2. Which prolific crossdresser are you most like?
  3. What type gal/gyaru are you?
  4. which supermodel do you look like?
  5. Underwear Selector
  6. Teenage Clothing Style Stereotyper
  8. What's Your Own Fashion Style?
  9. What Victorian Fashion Decade Are You?
  10. What kind of male underwear should you wear?
  11. Which type of transsexual are you?
  12. Are you a Goth, Prep, Punk, or Poser
  13. Which bracelet are yooou?
  14. Which Decade Should You Have Been Born In (Part One)?
  15. What kind of model are you?
  16. What piece of jewelry fits you best?
  17. why dont people like you?
  18. Whats your reputation?
  19. What dress are you?
  20. What Style do You Have?

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