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  1. Which Pop Princess is on you?? (Revised)
  2. What year was the best year of your life?
  3. Which ditzy TV female character are you?
  4. Goth or not goth?
  5. Which Actress are You Most Like?
  6. Predict relationship
  7. Which Final Fantasy VII character are you most like?
  8. Which member of Aerosmith are you?
  9. Fantastic Four Personality Indicator
  10. Angel
  11. Which Annabeth Are You?
  12. What Asian Singer Are You?
  13. Which Nintendo Character are you?
  14. Which Beatnik Are You?
  15. Are you the perfect man for me?
  16. To Which Court Do You (or your character) Belong?
  17. The How Boring Are You Quiz
  18. Rate Someone
  19. Britney Spears
  20. What Nick Cave song are you?

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