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  1. The Ultimate are U in the Marvel or DC Universe?
  2. Which Batmobile would You Drive?
  3. If She-Hulk Picked U up and Squeezed U, would She Break U?
  4. Which Supes Girl Thinks Ur Christopher Reeves?
  5. Where would U Branch off in the Marvel Civil War?
  6. Where Do You Stand In Injustice?
  7. Woke Up In The Marvel Universe And Feeling NICE! Who Would You Replace?
  8. Which One Is Your Inner Bat Villain?
  9. Which Batman Movie would Fancy to Have You In?
  10. Which DC Protagonist Inspires You The Most?
  11. Which Riverdale Girl Are You NOT... But Would Date?
  12. Which BTAS Girl would Buy U a Milkshake?
  13. Which Spider-Man Villain Are You?
  14. Which STAS Girl would Buy U a Milkshake
  15. Which DC Villain Are You?
  16. Which Enemy Of The WOLVERINE Are You Most Like?
  17. Avengers Assemble!! (Revised)
  18. Which Marvel Heroine / Villain Would Date YOU?
  19. Which DC Heroine / Villain Wants To Bear Your Children?
  20. Which Enemy Of The HULK Are You Most Like?

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