The 1000+ Most Popular Yes/No Anime Selectors
Over the past 15 years these are the most visited yes/no anime selectors on They are listed in order of popularity.
  1. Which Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin character are you most like?
  2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character Selector
  3. Which Haikyuu character is most likely to have a crush on you? NOT a KIN QUIZ.
  4. Which Jujutsu Kaisen Character are you most like?
  5. What character to cosplay..?
  6. Which Sk8 the Infinity Character Are You?
  7. which bsd character are you
  8. Which anime hair color and style would you have?
  9. Which Vongola Ring would you fit under in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
  10. What Anime Character would you look like? (For Girls)
  12. Naruto character selector
  13. Which Bleach Character are you!
  14. Which JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character are you Most Like?
  15. Whose Personality in Naruto do you fit?
  16. Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin character selector
  17. Which Anime Character Am I?
  18. Which Naruto girl is your girlfriend?
  19. Which Pokemon Is Right For You?
  20. Ghost's Full Metal Alchemist Character Selector
  21. Which Hetalia Axis Powers character are you?
  22. Which D.N Angel Character are you?
  23. Which Death Note Character Are You?
  24. Devil Fruit Selector
  25. Tokyo Mew Mew Love Match
  26. Naruto Character Quiz
  27. Who would be the right anime guy for YOU!
  28. Which Naruto Character are you?
  29. It's simply a very good naruto test with many character results and questions, made by a true fan (me) try it!
  30. Dragonballz: power level.
  31. naruto personality quiz-genin selector
  32. Naruto Shippuden personality test
  33. What ''Wolf's Rain'' character might you be?
  34. Which JJBA Villain Are You Most Like
  35. Which Akatsuki Character are you?
  36. What Season 1 Digimon character are you?
  37. Which Zatch Bell Character Are You Most Like?
  38. Yu Yu Hakusho Personality Quiz
  39. Dragonball Z Personality test
  40. which Code Lyoko character are you most like?
  41. What Naruto guy would be your boyfriend? (Bad guys)
  42. Which Dynasty Warriors Character are you?
  43. Which Haikyuu Character Do You Kin? CAPTAIN EDITION
  44. Which Vampire knight hottie would rock ur world?
  45. What rookie digimon would be your partner?
  46. Kingdom Hearts 2, Who from Organization XIII are you?
  47. Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character Are You?
  48. Sailor Moon Personality Test
  49. Who's your anime boyfriend
  50. What Wolf's rain character are you?
  51. Which Gintama character are you?
  52. Yugioh Monster Type/ Attribute Quiz
  53. What Naruto Character are you?
  54. What kind of anime character are you?
  55. Which Shaman King Character are you? Super Version!
  56. Which Sukisyo character are you?
  57. Naruto
  58. Which JoJo's Bizarre Adventure protagonist are you?
  59. What Legendary Pokemon are You?
  60. Who is your anime boyfriend?
  61. Which Teen Titans Character are you?
  62. Which Pokemon Character are you? (Human Characters)
  63. Blind date with an anime boy! (for girls only!)
  64. What Teen Titan are you?
  65. What Elfen Lied character are you?
  66. which naruto character is your rival?
  67. What Saint Seiya Character are you Quiz
  68. Quel perso de One Piece ętes-vous?
  69. Which Yugioh Gx Character are You?
  70. Xiaolin Showdown Character Match
  71. Which digimon crest do you belong to?
  72. Which Vento Aureo Character Are You Most Like? (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5)
  73. Inu Yasha/Japanese name that fits your personality!
  74. Which Naruto Ninja are You?
  75. Which Shaman King Character Are You?
  76. Which Megaman NT Warrior netnavi are you?
  77. FullMetal Alchemist Match! (GIRLS ONLY!!)
  78. DragonBall/Z/GT/AF character selector!
  79. Which Chrono Crusade Character Do You Act Most Like
  80. Full Metal Panic Selector
  81. Which Mermaid Melody Princess Are You? :)
  82. which naruto charcter will you marry?
  83. Which Naruto Character are you?
  84. Which Witch Hunter Robin Character Are You?
  85. Dragonball GT character
  86. Assassination Classroom personality test!
  87. What JoJo character are you most like?
  88. Which Code Geass r1 character are you?
  89. what yugioh monster type are you
  90. Yugioh gx personality quiz
  91. hunter x hunter character selector
  92. What Pet Shop of Horrors Character are you?
  93. Totally Spies Character Selector
  94. What W.I.T.C.H character are you?
  95. Which naruto village are you from?
  96. full metal alchemist character test?
  97. Which Hunter x Hunter Character are you?
  98. Which Crayon Shinchan Character Are You?
  99. Serous Male Anime Character selector
  100. Nick Izumi's Gundam Seed Destiny Selector
  101. which of my naruto OCs are you? (OC means Original Character)
  102. The Banana Fish Personality Selector
  103. what bakugan character are you?
  104. YUGIOH GX
  105. Which Gundam Wing Character Are You Most Like?
  106. Which Kingdom Hearts II Character Are You?
  107. legendary pokemon test(kanto-johto)
  108. which bobobo-bobo-bobo character are you most like!?
  109. Which Rurouni Kenshin Sword Style Are You
  110. Which Pokemon (Human) Character are you most like?
  111. Which of the HiME in Mai-HiME(Mai HiME) are you?
  112. Who is your ideal Naruto Guy
  113. Who is your Ideal Naruto Girl?
  114. FLCL Personality Quiz
  115. Which Spirited Away Character Are You Most Like?
  116. Which Naruto Character Are You?
  117. One piece crew personality test
  118. which deathnote character are you?
  119. Teen Titans Personality Test
  120. Qué personaje episódico de animé eres? (Spanish)
  121. Which Anime Character Are You?
  122. ensemble stars personality quiz (first year edition fml)
  123. Gundam SEED character selector
  124. What Faerie's Landing character are you most like?
  125. which tokyo mew mew girl are you?
  126. Which Dragonball Z Villain are you?
  127. Beyblade G-Revolution & V Force Quiz
  128. Which Prince of Tennis character are you?
  129. Inuyasha Character Quiz
  130. que personaje de saint seiya eresˇ?
  131. Inu-yasha Personality Test
  132. which anime should u watch next
  133. What JJK Character Are You?
  134. The Mew Mew/Magic Performer quiz
  135. What Junjou Romantica character are you?
  136. What anime should you watch next??
  137. que personaje de inuyasha eres tu?
  138. Which hunter x hunter character fit you best?
  139. which anime blood type are you? selector
  140. Negima Character Exame
  141. Which Ouran Host Club Character are you
  142. What Ergo Proxy Character are you??
  143. What anime boy is best for you
  144. Which Tokyo Mew Mew gurl r u?^^
  145. What Evangelion Character Are You?
  146. Yugioh- Which Character are you _(FnEx)_
  147. Naruto german charakter test
  148. What are you going to do with Kurapika? (For girls only)
  149. Akame Ga Kill personality test!
  150. żQué personaje de Monster eres?
  151. Fruits Basket Personality Selector
  152. Which Shaman King character are you?
  153. Which Dragonball character could be your boyfriend?
  154. Which Outer Sailor Soldier are you?
  155. Which Sailor Moon Villain are You?
  156. Which Mameshiba Are You?
  157. Which Yugioh Character Are You Most Like?
  158. What Get Backers character are you?
  159. what akatsuki character are you?
  160. Yugioh Quiz
  161. What Elfquest Character Are You?
  162. Love Hina :Test de caractčre
  163. Xiaolin showdown personality test
  164. Gurren Lagann Character
  165. Dabid's .hack//SIGN Personality Test
  166. Oh Mona! Which Wondergirl are you?
  167. who's your yugioh boyfriend?
  168. Naruto Character Personality Test
  169. What Teen Titans character are you?
  170. Quel personnage de Axis Power Hetalia ętes-vous? part 1
  171. Wich name fits you? (( Got these name from my made up characters from awhile ago.))
  172. Guilty Gear XX Character Quiz
  173. Mirai Nikki personality test (12 diary holders)!
  174. Which Sonic Couple is most suited to you?
  175. Which Character from Spiral are you?
  176. Which Evangelion Character Are You?
  177. Shaman King Quiz
  178. Yu Yu Hakusho Selector
  179. Saint Seiya Character Selector
  180. Naruto Personality Test
  181. Which D.N. Angel Character Are You?
  182. żQue pareja de Ranma 1/2 eres?
  183. Groove Rave Adventure Selector
  184. What Naruto Character are you?
  185. Which Mamodo Partner Are You?
  186. Flame of Recca Character Selector
  187. Main characters from Imadoki ! by Watase
  188. Which Disgaea Hour of Darkness Character are you?
  189. wolfs rain
  190. Ouran Character Selector
  191. Dragonball Z. Which Dragonball Z/GT guy is ur Guy
  192. Which FMA Character are you?
  193. What Mobile Suit Gundam Character Are You? (Original M.S. Gundam 0079)
  194. Fruits Basket Character Test
  195. Which One Piece character are You?????
  196. Which Vandread Character Are You?
  197. Aquarian Age Character Selector
  198. Which Dark Rose (Zatch Bell fanfic) character are you?
  199. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Rock Lee, Gaara, Shikamaru?
  200. Naruto Characters Selector
  201. Which DNAngel character r u?
  202. que personaje de yu yu hakusho eres tu
  203. What beyblade guy will you marry?
  204. Ham-Hams
  205. Dragonballz Race Selector
  206. Your Twin-Soul Anime
  207. Which Pretty Guardian Senshi are you?
  208. Which Inuyasha character are you most like?
  209. Which Scryed character are you?
  210. Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?
  211. what anime vampire are you?
  212. Tu Anime Perfecto!!
  213. Ragnarok Character Selector
  214. Which anime bishounen are you?
  215. Which starter pokemon are you?
  216. Which Inuyasha Guy is your soul mate
  217. naruto personality test
  218. FullMetal Alchemist Selector
  219. Fushigi Yugi Character
  220. Witch is your favorite Naruto charcter?
  221. Which Ronin Warriors Character Are You Most Like
  222. Azumanga Daioh character selector
  223. Which Sinnoh gym leader are you?
  224. Naruto carachter personality quiz
  225. Your anime role
  226. Which Naoki Urasawa's Monster Character are You?
  227. What Pretear character are you most like?
  228. Cardcaptor Sakura Personality Quiz
  229. What Card Captor Sakura Character are you?
  230. Which Love Hina Girl suits you best?
  231. Which CLAMP character are you?
  232. What digimon season are you with?
  233. teen titans
  234. Which SatAm Sonic The Hedgehog Character are you?
  235. Which Sonic Character should be you BF
  236. Which Belmont are you?
  237. Welcher HunterXHunter Charakter bist du?
  238. Pokemon selector.What kind of pokemon starter,and other are you
  239. A Real DBZ QUIZ
  240. Which Seigaku regular are you?
  241. What Yu Yu Hakusho Character Are You Most Like?
  243. What Beyblade character are you?
  244. Weiss Kreuz Personality Test
  245. żQué Ham-Ham eres?
  246. What YuGiOh Character would you most likely kill?
  247. Which Naruto character are you mostly similar to?
  248. YYH Match Maker(for girls!!!!!)
  249. żQué personaje del universo de Slayers se asemeja más a tu personalidad?
  250. Which Flame of Recca character are you?
  251. Which Neopets character are you?
  252. The Seven Knights of Leafe
  253. Azumanga Daioh Character Selector
  254. What Pokemon Are You? (R/B/Y/G/S/R/S)
  255. Which Beastars character are you?
  256. Death Parade personality test!
  257. Cyborg 009 Character Selector
  258. Fruits Basket Boyfriends Selector
  259. Which Hikaru no Go Character are YOU?
  260. What Fruits basket Character are you
  261. Hellsing character
  263. Which anime girl is best suited for you?
  264. Which Rurouni Kenshin guy is your soul mate?
  265. Tokyo Mew Mew Quiz
  266. what kind of anime person are you
  267. Which of my Soul Calibur III Chronicles of the Sword characters can you identify with most?
  268. which naruto charater are you
  269. Hamtaro Kid Character
  270. which element do you control
  271. Yoshi Maker
  272. Negima character selector
  273. Which major Assassination Classroom character are you?
  274. Who Is Your Anime Boyfriend?
  275. Are You an Otaku?
  276. what kind of anime girl are you?
  277. Which Peach Girl Character Are You?
  278. Which anime hero are you most like?
  279. Which Serial Killer are you?
  280. Which Neo Senshi are You?
  281. Inuyasha Villain Selector
  282. which character from fruits basket are you most like?
  283. Galaxy Angel character selector
  284. Get Backers Selector
  285. what keyblade are you?
  286. Evil or Awesome Anime Character
  287. Which Yu-Gi-Oh character do you duel like?
  288. Which digimon from season 3 are you?
  289. Cartoon love (Digimon, Pokemon, DragonballGT, Yu-gi-oh)
  290. Inuyasha character
  291. Balto Character Selector
  292. Your Fushigi Yugi boyfriend
  293. Naruto Character/Fighter selector
  294. Find out your special One Piece Charakter (German)
  295. what spirited away character are you?
  296. Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?
  297. which anime character are you?
  298. Fushigi Yuugi personality quiz
  299. Saiki K kin assignment
  300. Vem är du mest lik?
  301. Gundam Seed Personality Quiz
  302. what anime are u
  303. who are you from bleach?????
  304. What race are you?
  305. Samurai Deeper Kyo character?
  306. Zatch Bell!
  307. What Anime Show Would You Like to Watch???
  308. Which fairy tail character are you most like?
  309. dragonball z boyfriend test
  310. What Straw Hat pirate are you?
  311. anime girlfriend
  312. Which UnRequited: A Love Story character are you?
  313. Which Angelic Layer Character are You?
  314. Which Dandelion Character Are You Most Like?
  315. Which Heat Guy J Character Are You?
  316. Which yugioh guy is for you?
  317. Whats your anime soul?
  318. What anime series is right for you?
  319. DragonBallGT
  320. Suikoden 3 Selector
  322. A Good Sandy or Maxwell Fan
  323. Which Code Lyoko Should You Date?
  324. Prince of Tennis (-0 Hyoutei type)
  325. Pokémon Type Selector
  326. Which Elysion Senshi are You?
  327. Zodiac P.I. Character selector
  328. Asuka Langley Sohryu Compatibility
  329. which Angry Beavers character are you
  330. Which Naruto characher are you?
  331. Dragoball Z/GT Personality Quiz (that is actually detailed)
  332. Which Evo Character are you most like?
  333. bardock666 or Spawn666's ONE PIECE Quiz
  334. Which Great Pretender character are you?
  335. Prince of Tennis Character Test
  336. what legendary Pokemon are you?
  337. Peach Girl Personality Test
  338. Galaxy Angels
  339. Blank Anime's Naruto Selector
  340. Which xxxHolic chara are ya?
  341. DragonBall Z fighter
  342. W.I.T.C.H.
  343. Which Azumanga Daioh Character Are You?
  344. Danny Phantom Selector
  345. which bo-bobo character are you?
  346. Which Demon Diary Character Are You?
  347. Elemental Power Selector
  348. Which Mamodos Spell Are You?
  349. which anime should you watch now?
  350. Fruits Basket Character Selector
  351. what yugioh monster are you
  352. What starter Pokemon are you?
  353. Fullmetal Alchemist character
  354. Haibane Renmei Character Test
  355. inuyasha character test
  356. Bungo Stray Dogs Character Selector
  357. Which Amatsuki Character Do You Act Like?
  358. Gundam Seed Character Selector
  359. Which Kaze to Ki No Uta Character are you?
  360. Which Soul Calibur guy suits you?
  361. Yu-Gi-Oh! Female Character Selector
  362. Magical Doremi
  363. Code Geass Character Identifier
  364. What Rumiko Takahashi charector best suits you?
  365. What izz yur Anime Hair Color!!?? (ohya and itz mah first quizzy)!
  366. Which Yugioh Character Are you Most Like?
  367. which inuyasha girl are you?
  368. What type of Killer are you?
  369. What is your power level?
  370. Which Tokyo Mewmew Character are you?
  371. The Best Naruto Char Selector!
  372. Which YuGiOh Character Would YOU kill first?!
  373. What Mecha should You Pilot?
  374. tenjho tenge
  375. What Witch Hunter Robin character is best to be your witch hunting partner?
  376. Which Negima character are you?
  377. Tokyo ghoul or Sword Art Online? Hunter x hunter included
  378. Inuyasha Characters
  379. Which Sailor Moon SuperS Villain are you?
  380. Hakkenden! Which Dog Warrior are you?
  381. Shaman King Character Selector
  382. What anime should you watch?
  383. To which of the Four Gods do you belong?
  384. What Dragonball Z character are you???
  385. Which X/1999 Dragon of Earth are you most like?
  386. Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Selector
  387. Yu-Gi-Oh: Which Battle City Finalist Are You
  388. Which of Ranma's girlfriends is right for you
  389. Who's the D.N. Angel character that will like you for sure ?
  390. what digimon are you
  391. kingdom hearts:who are you?
  392. What Type of Digimon Tamer are You
  393. Rave Master charcter
  394. Descubre tu identidad
  396. Quest for the True Otaku
  397. Yu Yu Hakusho
  398. Anime....stories....friend discriptions.
  399. .hack//SIGN Character Selector
  400. Wich Shaman King Character Are You?
  401. Which Gundam Seed/Destiny Guy Would You Date?
  402. Naruto selector
  403. Beyblade character quiz
  404. Which Pokemon are you?
  405. żQue personaje de Tenjou Tenge eres?
  406. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector
  407. Which Minami-Ke character are You?
  408. Which of my favorite yu yu hakusho characters are you?
  409. What Pokemon Best Fits You?
  410. Whose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband?
  411. Inuyasha Character Quiz
  412. Anime Quizzes
  413. Gundam Wing Sick Puppy Writers Brigade
  414. Which Chobits Character are you?
  415. Which 'Tamashii No Journey' Character are you?
  416. What Sailor Moon Character are you?
  417. anime personality quizz
  418. Inuyasha boy friend selector
  419. What Inuyasha caracter are you?
  420. Digimon - Digital Monsters DDM
  421. Naruto character match up
  422. FLCL selector
  423. kingdom hearts quiz
  424. Which Seeker are you?
  425. Which dragon spirit are you?
  426. Which soul calibur II character are you
  427. Which Werewolf Pack Do you Belong In
  428. Case Closed
  429. Dragon ball Z Detailed quiz
  430. Which Sonic character are you most like?
  431. Welcher HunterXHunter Charakter bist du?
  432. Which male protagonist are you?
  433. Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi Pairings
  434. What is your Element?
  435. Digimon Frontiers selector
  436. Evangelion Character Selector
  437. Which Sailor Moon Seishi are you?
  438. Galaxy angels girl selector
  439. What's Your Bishonen type?
  440. Which DBZ character are you really???
  441. What fairy tail girl should you date?
  442. Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Bishounen Would Be Your Match?
  443. what will you wear if you were an anime character ?
  444. Which Yu-gi-oh Character are you
  445. Which Ronin Warriors Character Are You Most Like?
  446. anime boyfriend
  447. Which Naruto Character are you?
  448. Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi/Shounen-Ai
  449. Which Yu-Gi-Oh Character?
  450. What Dragon Ball Z character are you most similar to?
  451. what Dragonball/DBZ character are you?
  452. ~Rurouni*Kenshin~
  453. One piece Character test
  454. Who would you date?
  455. Peacemaker Kurogane Selector
  456. Unknown Anime
  457. ufo baby boyfriend selector
  458. TFTP Character Selector
  459. which yaoi manga suits you?
  460. Which of my Anime Characters are You?
  461. recruitable Suikoden 3 Selector
  462. who are you most like in the yu-gi-oh season 0 anime?
  463. Naruto Character
  464. how naruto and sasuke dies
  465. Which Soreike! Anpanman character are you?
  466. Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles caracter selecter
  467. What Manga Character Are You?
  468. What Cowboy Bepop Bounty Hunter are you?
  469. What Peacemaker Character Are You?
  470. Evangelion Selector: You've tried the rest
  471. which chainsaw man character are you
  472. Which Road Rovers Character are You?
  473. Naruto
  474. Which Yu Yu hakusho guy is for you?
  475. Tokyo Mew Mew
  476. Which Naruto character are YOU?
  477. Which Hellsing character are you? Seres, Integra or Alucard?
  478. Sailor Moon Character Selector
  480. dragon ball z
  481. Which character from Betterman are you?
  482. Code lyoko
  483. How much of an otaku are you?
  484. What is your anime hair color?
  485. What bad guy is after you?
  486. Which Digi-Girl are you?
  487. What Naruto Character are you....ness?
  488. yugioh challenge
  489. Which Fruits Basket Character are you?
  490. Your naruto Character -works well-
  491. Azumanga Daioh Character Selector
  492. Which Pokemon Character are you most alike?
  493. Which read or die character are you?
  494. inuyasha and sailor moon personality quizz
  495. pokmon what pokemon are you?
  496. Welcher Typ von Anime-Mann passt zu dir?
  497. Rurouni Kenshin Personality Selector(with images)
  498. What neon genesis rebuild of evangelion angel are you
  499. Which Yugioh doom organization character are you?
  500. What furry are you?
  501. Yu-gi-oh! Male Character Selector
  502. Which Gravitation Character Are You?
  503. which YUGIOH monster are yo quiz? 2!!!!!!!!!!!
  504. Which Fullmetal Alchemist MOVIE Character Are You?
  505. Destiny Stone Character Selector
  506. Puyo pop fever finder!
  507. Miyazaki Anime Heroines
  508. What Samurai Pizza Cat Personality Problem do you have?
  509. What neon genesis evangelion rebuild angel are you
  510. Dragon Knights Character Quiz
  511. Which Tokyo Mew Mew Roleplay character do you think you are?
  512. Pita-Ten Character Selector
  513. Which Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You?
  514. what family guy character are you !!!!!!!!!!
  515. What fruit basket character are you?
  516. How much of a Dragonball Z fan are you?
  517. what pokemon are you
  518. Which Fruits Basket Guy Are You (Male)
  519. Anime Hair Colour Selector
  520. what yugioh duler are you?
  521. What Suzaku Celestial Warrior Are you?
  522. What type of mage are you?
  523. do you love rei?
  524. what beyblade character are you ?
  525. azumanga daioh personality quiz
  526. quel couple yaoi populaire de shaman king vous etes
  527. InuYasha Personality Quiz
  528. Ai Yori Aoshi Character Selector
  529. What Persocom are you?
  530. DreamBoy.Com?!
  531. Which Full Metal Alchemist character are you?
  532. Dragon Head selector
  533. Hellsing Character Selector
  534. InuYasha Character- Who Would You Be?
  535. DNAngel
  536. Which Bishie is perfect for you?
  537. Anime
  538. Which YuGiOh chibi would you be best to kill?
  539. What Mellenium Item would you own?
  540. Fruits Basket
  541. Hirotara's Quiz- Who Are You Like In InuYasha?
  542. ~ Naruto Identification ~
  543. The coolest Yu Yu Hakusho quiz EVER!!!!
  544. Which Rurouni Kenshin Female Character are You?
  545. Which Soul Hunter Character Are You?
  546. The only Megas XLR quiz!!!
  547. Which Fushigi Yuugi character are you?
  548. Inuyasha soul mate
  549. Cartoon/Anime Selector
  550. Detective Conan- where do you fit?
  551. Which One piece character are you?!
  552. what HunterXHunter character are you?
  553. Who's your Ham Boyfriend?
  554. What is your perfect anime?
  555. which eva pilot are you
  556. Which YYH boy do you belong to?
  557. which jojos bizarre adventures character would like you?
  558. Whats your true element?
  559. whata lion king :simbas pride character are you
  560. My best character
  561. Which Pokemon are You?
  562. Kuka Tokyo mewmew hahmo olet??
  563. Which Sorcerer Hunters character are you?
  564. nadesico dates for men
  565. Yu Yu Hakusho Character you act most like
  566. What fighting character are you
  567. Which X/1999 Dragon of Heaven are you?
  568. Are you similar to Yoh Asakura?
  569. Inuyasha: Which Character Are You?
  570. Fruits Basket Characters: Which One Are You?
  571. Best Ranma ˝ selector
  572. Which Tokyo Mewmew Character are you?
  573. anime girlfreind
  574. Imadoki! character selector
  575. Anime Chick Quiz
  576. .hack//sign selector
  577. What Anime Character Are You?
  578. Inuyasha Character
  579. Samurai X
  580. Sailor Moon villains personality test!
  581. Which Fushigi Yuugi god should you serve under?
  582. Fooly Cooly Character
  583. Which Gundam are you?
  584. Kill's naruto character selector
  585. which anime dude are you?
  586. What Digi Charat Charactor should YOU be?
  587. G-Gundam Ulitimate Personality Quiz
  588. Yu Yu Hakusho Personality Test
  589. Which Sonic Character Are You!?
  590. Teen titans tv show quiz!!
  591. What kind of pokemon are you?
  592. anime boyfriend
  593. Gundam Mecha Quiz
  594. Element type selector
  595. Which Good guy saves you?
  596. Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament Character Selector
  597. inu yasha
  598. What Azumanga Daioh Character Are You?
  599. What Wolf's Rain Character are you?
  600. DBZ sayain selector
  601. Selector de Anime!
  602. Chrono Crusade
  603. Kare Kano Super Quiz!
  604. Teen Titans Selector
  605. Which Feng Shen Ji Character Are You?
  606. Vilken Nikolaus karaktär är du?
  607. What NetNavi r u
  608. Bronze saint selector
  609. Which Megatokyo Character R U?
  610. Which Hellsing Character are you?
  611. What anime should you watch?
  612. Ham-Ham Fan
  613. One Piece Character Selector
  614. Hellsing Character Selector
  615. Digimon Frontier Selector
  616. what mf vento aureo character are you
  617. Can You become a shaman like me
  618. Best Pairing for You
  619. Wich anime are you?
  620. What ff8 character r u?
  621. Digimon: The Neo-Enemy Personality Test
  622. shoujo 4 u
  623. Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you most like?
  624. Toonami Shows Selector
  625. anime boyfriend
  626. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood personality test!
  627. Which Digimon Frontier kid are you?
  628. Which Chrono Crusade Character do you act most like?
  629. Siapakah karaktermu dalam Cardcaptor Sakura?
  630. What Di Gi Charat character are you?
  631. Fruits Basket Anime~Who's UR Character?
  632. How Much Do You LOVE Digimon?
  633. Slayers spell selector
  634. Aeon Flux
  635. Your Rurouni Kenshin equal
  636. What Advent Child do you house?
  637. anime-tsudoibice
  638. What Charmed character are you?
  639. Which Shounen Jump Action Series Character are you?
  640. Inu Yasha Lover
  641. Fruits Basket Character Selector
  642. What Ranma Move Is For YOU?
  643. Saint Tail Character Selector
  644. DBZ personality test! By MH
  645. Which Saiyuki Body Part Are You?
  646. Fruits Basket Selector
  647. Project ARMS Manga Selector
  648. .hak//sign
  649. hey nerds which jorge joestar character are u
  650. Texhnolyze selector quiz
  651. Kingdom Hearts
  652. MISOCATHLUSH Character Selector A new online anime
  653. What MegaMan Net Operator Are You?
  654. Yu Yu Hero/Villain Quiz
  655. The Wonderfully Magnificient Dragon of X (X/1999) Matchmaker
  656. Which Cardcaptor Sakura Character Are You?
  657. I''s selector
  658. gensomaden saiyuki
  659. Rurouni Kenshin Bakumatsu
  660. What anime is best for you?
  661. .hack//OUTBREAK
  662. dwarfmonk
  663. Seme Uke Quiz
  664. Ranma 1/2 Character Quiz
  665. Which one of my Otaku friends are you?
  666. Cual es el chico de Gundam SEED destiny ideal para ti
  667. Paradise Kiss
  668. Which Sailor Moon Character are you?
  669. Are you cool to Alex?!
  671. Which Inuyasha Chracter Are You?
  672. What .hack//sign character are you?
  673. Which Badass Are You?
  674. Which One Piece character is your best partner?
  675. DBZ Personality Quiz
  676. find out wich naruto character r u chukalakabimba
  677. Poket monsters(Pokemon) all 387
  678. Hellsing selector
  679. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector
  680. You smell
  681. What D.N.Angel Character Are You?
  682. Case Closed Selector
  683. What Inuyasha character are you?
  684. What's the Manga for You?
  685. Inuyasha Character Test
  686. What Anime Character are you Most Like?
  687. Which Battle Royale Character are You
  688. Azumanga Daioh Character Selector
  689. Case Closed
  690. The 'not so normal' Hellsing Character Selecter
  692. Who would you be in my story?
  693. R U a Goku or a Vegeta?
  694. Which CCS Guild Council Member are you?
  695. Anime character selector
  696. Charactors of the Greatest Shows
  697. Are you in love with anime? Are you in the anime?
  698. Who is you perfect match From InuYasha?
  699. do u like anime
  700. Which Rurouni Kenshin character are you?
  701. Dragonball/z/gt
  702. Which Inuyasha Character are you?
  703. Saber Marionette J marionette female character selecter
  704. Inuyasha
  705. which sonic character are you
  706. Saiyuki
  707. Which Trigun Character (main) Are you Most Like?
  708. Which Clover Character Are You?
  709. Which Bo-bobo fusion are you?
  710. which weiss character are you? probably not who you wanna be!
  711. Shonen Jump Magna Selector
  712. What's anime character would you be?
  713. chrono crusade
  714. Que pokemon del tipo veneno eres?
  715. Which Anime Bishonen are you?
  716. Anime Ranking Selector
  717. YuYuHakusho character test
  718. What One Hit Wonder Character are you?
  719. Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Quiz
  720. Digidestined Characters season 4
  721. Beyblade G-revolution
  722. What DBZ Character are you?
  723. what kind of yugioh person are you?
  724. what sailor r you?
  725. Which Inu are you
  726. Digimon Season 4 Character Selector
  727. Which one of Raine's anime boyfriends are you?
  728. Which one of my friends are u???
  729. Rurouni Kenshin Characters
  730. Dem Rurouni Kenshin Questions
  731. Hunter x Hunter: What's your nen type? (Revised)
  732. Hunter X Hunter Nen Test
  733. Which Fruits Basket Cutie Is Your Dream Guy?
  734. Which Pokemon are you?
  735. starter Pokemon
  736. Which Rave Master are You Most Like
  737. Misc. Anime Selector(Guys)
  738. What are you
  739. Dragonball Z character selector
  740. Which Character are you from Junikyu/Zodiac?
  741. Which Black Heart Character are you?
  742. Inuyasha Quiz
  743. 7Magics Character Quiz
  744. Which Digidestined are you most like?
  745. Crystal Eye Saga Character Selector
  746. Which Ruin Explorers character are you most like?
  747. .hack//The World Class Selector
  748. Which Hellsing Character Are You?
  749. which power puff girl r u
  750. Your Slayers character?
  751. Selector de tú bishounen
  752. Sonic
  753. Golden Sun II: the lost age. Who are you?
  754. the inu-yasha quiz
  755. which Aku Genrou character are you?
  756. What Yugioh Character Are You?
  757. Which Inuyasha-Kenshin bishounen is for you?
  758. blue eyes white dragon or dark magician?
  759. If you were an anime villain what kind of powers would you most enjoy?
  760. Which Naruto Characther are you?
  761. bardock666's which ''sayian are you?'' quiz
  762. What is your spirit card?
  763. Which Card are you
  764. Chibi selector
  765. Anime Selector!!
  766. which gundam are u
  767. alamosakids quiz
  768. Which Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You?
  769. What Yu-gi-oh! character are you most like?!?
  770. Zoids Selector
  771. Which Inuyasha character are you?
  772. What Inuyasha Character are you most like?
  773. Dragonball Z Partner Selector
  774. Which Yu-Gi-Oh Character R U?
  775. Cyborg009 selector
  776. Sonic X Selector from, Get Into It!
  777. what kind of evil trigun character u r?
  778. Best pokemon?
  779. are you itachi or sasuke?
  780. Which Houshin Engi Character are you?
  781. Dragonballz Character Selector
  782. Yu Yu Hakusho Character Selector
  783. Seriyu twin quiz
  784. What Yu Yu Hakusho character child are you?
  785. Which One Peice Character Are You?
  786. What Inner Inuyasha character are you?
  787. Pretear Soulmate Selector
  788. Who are you in the world of Kenshin?
  789. Are you a DBZ Character?
  790. Which Golden Sun Charecter are you
  791. Adult Swim Show Selector
  792. Pokemon character selector
  793. Which Zoids Character is Meant For You??
  794. .hack//SIGN Character Selector
  795. Which D.Gray-man Character are you?
  796. what pokemon are you
  797. who are you from mortal combat characters
  798. Which Epitome of Silence Character are you?
  799. What Fruits Basket dude should you not go out with?
  800. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
  801. Which of the AHC girls are you most compatible with?
  802. Which 'The Human Extinction' Person Are You?
  803. What Anime Hero are You?
  804. what yoshi character are you???
  805. HNC2!!!!!!!!!
  806. Ruouni Kenshin: Which Character are You?
  807. which bo-bobo fighter are you
  808. Which FF XI Character Are you?
  809. BBZ/GT Crush
  810. Seyriyu senshi quiz
  811. what final fantasy 8 character are you like
  812. Digimon people selector
  813. are you good enough to be pharoah?
  814. Which sailor senshi are you?
  815. Who's Your Bishounen?
  816. An Inuyasha Quiz
  817. enter the yu-gi-oh caricter personality quiz!
  818. Galaxy Angels
  819. Which Twilight Deception Character Are You?
  820. Mysterious Play
  821. Who's your Ham Girlfriend?
  822. How l33t are j00?
  823. what new legendary pokemon are you
  824. The Azumanga Daioh Character Selector
  825. Furuba Character Analysis
  827. Galaxy Senshi Personality Test
  828. Which Tekken zombi are you?
  829. WHO ARE YOU?
  830. Yu Yu Hakusho, which bishonen is for you?
  831. saint-seiya selector
  832. What Dragon Ball Z charicter would you stand a chance ageinst?
  833. sd- gundam
  834. Shoujo Kakumei Utena Selector
  835. Which Love Angel from Wedding Peach are you?
  836. Natsuki Miu, Hina Miu, Hoshi Miu
  837. Krystainia's Villain Finder
  838. Which Yami no Matsuei character do you resemble the most?
  839. Which DBZ Villan Are You?
  840. Naruto~
  841. what evil character from ocarina of time are you
  842. power level
  843. guess what anime
  844. Mikä di gi charat oot?
  845. Couple of anime quizzie
  846. HnC
  847. Which Inu Yasha Character Are you?
  848. Which Anime is For You
  849. Which Naruto Character Would You Connect To?
  850. Bleach Who quiz
  851. Which Cardcaptors Character Are you???
  852. One Piece Dude
  853. What Yu-GI-Oh! character are you (boy's only)
  854. who are you from dual! parallel trouble adventure
  855. Which Saiyuki character are you most like?
  856. Fushigi Yuugi couple selector
  857. sailor moon
  858. Find the CLAMP for you!
  859. what anime charter are you?
  860. Bishounen Selector
  861. the perfect bishie for you!
  862. what spirit are you?
  864. Who who are you in pokemon?
  865. What FtF Job Class are you?
  866. Inuyasha Character Selector
  867. Card Captor Sakura Character
  868. Yuyu Hakusho selector
  869. Fruits Basket People selector
  870. Furuba Character
  871. Which Final Fantasy: Broken Trinity character are you?
  872. Best rurouni kenshin selector
  873. Zelda
  874. YYH Selector
  875. Yu Yu Hakusho Bishounens
  876. Which Sailor Scout Thinks You Are BETTER Than Strawberry Pie?
  877. Which Mameshiba are you?
  878. Best Naruto
  879. What is your yu yu hakusho personality?
  880. what s your nentype?
  881. Are you important?
  882. Which Angel Sanctuary character are you?
  883. Which Blood Raven Character Are You?
  884. Elements
  885. Abenobashi selector
  886. You would be Whom in InuYasha?
  887. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You?
  888. Which YYH Character Do You Match?
  889. Who are you? Saitou? Kenshin? Yahiko?
  890. Which Kenshin character are you?
  891. What Anime Character fits you?
  892. kingdom hearts personality test
  893. Final Fantasy : Unlimited Character Selector
  894. J O B selector
  895. Manga
  896. Which Member of K.t.N. are you?
  897. What character from The Game are you?
  898. The Ultimate Outlaw Star Quiz
  899. Which Ayashi No Ceres do you look like ?
  900. Which one in Element Siblings ore Fire Four are you most alike?
  901. Do you have serious issues about anime??
  902. Which Kodocha character are you?
  903. A wierd anime selector of InuYasha
  904. digidestined quiz
  905. digidestined quiz
  906. How much like don patch are you
  907. What Kodocha Character would you be?
  908. Bardock666's next DBZ!!6 quiz
  909. who u are from chain of memories
  910. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You?
  911. Inuyasha chatacter selector
  912. What FLCL character r u?
  913. i love yugi
  914. Which Yu Yu Hakusho character are you?
  915. Kingdom Hearts
  916. Do you Wiggle when you giggle?
  917. Which Yu-Gi-Oh God are you?
  918. Which Card Captor Sakura Guy Is Your Favorite Eye Candy? (for the ladies, I hope)
  919. inuyasha and card captors personality quizz
  920. Which Raven Sister Are You?
  921. You know you like Fushigi Yuugi When............
  922. Which Rurouni Kenshin male character are you?
  923. Which Dragoon's Lair Moderator/Administrator are you?
  924. What anime guy is for you?
  926. Fruits Basket
  927. who r u?
  928. Vampire Game Selector
  929. Anime funny
  930. Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?
  931. Ozzy & Drix Character Selector
  932. Yu Yu Hakusho Bishonen Selector
  933. Which Eevee Evolved Would Be Your Partner?
  934. Hunter X Hunter Nen Test (Revised)
  935. Which Mega Rant Character Are You?
  936. Which Naruto character are you?ż?
  937. Que personaje de relleno eres?
  938. mini Captain Tylor Character Quiz
  939. What Yu Yu Hakusho character are you?
  940. Which Character from Yu Yu Hakusho are you?
  941. Your Rping Character's Anime Selector
  942. Rurouni kenshin
  943. Which 3 amigo are you most like?
  945. Selector de nosotros mismos...
  946. What Character from Shrapnel would be your Girlfriend ?
  947. Which Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You?
  948. Anime
  949. Are you Eric or Chris
  950. A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark animation selector
  951. How would you be if you we're anime
  952. Who is your Fruits Basket Equivilent?
  953. Rurouni Kenshin character quizz
  954. Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector
  955. Which InuYasha Charector Are You?
  956. Street Fighter II Animated Movie Selector
  957. Who are you in invader zim???
  958. Which PitaTen Character Are You?
  959. Which Hinata Girl Are You?
  960. Yu-gi-oh who are you
  961. Sailor who
  962. .hack//SIGN
  963. Fogle Pots- weird cartoon people
  964. What Character R U from Inuyasha?
  965. Inuyasha Match
  966. What Street Trash Character is Most Like You?
  967. Gundam Wing charcter
  968. which anime blood type are you? selector (Revised)
  969. Yu Yu Hakusho
  970. Which Monster are you??
  971. Which of the GW Original Characters are you?
  972. What Inuyasha Character Are You???
  973. Fruits Basket (Based on Book 1)
  974. brad's anime selector
  975. Sonic the hedghog
  976. Aqua
  977. Destiny
  978. First/Second Season Digidestined Selector
  979. Which Kenshin Male Character Are You?
  980. Which Rurouni Kenshin Charcter are you?
  981. Dragonball Z Character Selector
  982. What guy anime character are you?
  983. Whats your Chakra?(Naruto)
  984. Who would you be in anime?
  985. Which Kodocha character are you?
  986. what DBZ person are you?
  987. Which Double or Nothing Character are you?
  988. What Yugioh person r you
  989. Yu Yu Hakusho Heros Selector
  990. the ultimate test that will change your life
  991. Love Hina selector
  992. Queen Jessie's Boyfriend Quiz
  993. Personality quiz for....Soskanomi ( I made it up ^_^)
  994. which .hack//sign character are you most like?
  995. ranma charator selector
  996. What genre of anime suits you??
  997. DNAngel Character
  998. what zone of the enders delores i charictor are you
  999. Yu-yu hakusho Character
  1000. Which maze character are you most like
  1001. Who is your Yuugiou Match?
  1002. Yugi-oh match selector
  1003. Trigun Selector
  1004. Fantasy Personelle
  1005. YGO Character selector
  1006. Steel Angel Kurumi Selector
  1007. Inu-Yasha Character Selctor
  1008. Yu yu Hakusho Character selector
  1009. What DM Player are you?
  1010. Yu yu Hakusho
  1011. What Sailor Senshi/Scout are you?
  1012. Which Goddess Senshi are you?
  1013. Yu-gi-oh Character selector
  1014. Rurouni Kenshin charactor selector
  1015. What's your ideal anime??
  1016. who Yu Yu Hakusho character are you?
  1017. what inuyasha character are you?
  1018. Getbackers
  1019. Yu Yu Hakusho
  1020. Meitantei Conan Character Selector
  1021. Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Selector
  1022. Dragaon Ball GT
  1023. Shrapnel Gunman
  1024. What main Inu Yasha Character are you most like?
  1025. Which Inuyasha Character Are You?
  1026. DragonBall
  1027. Dn* Angel
  1028. Just another What Anime whould you fit in selecter
  1029. cowboy be-bop character selector
  1030. Which Dragon Ball Super Character Are You?
  1031. Bamboo Blade personality test!
  1032. What dragon ball z charecter are you
  1033. Which Sailor Moon character will you have for lunch tomorrow?
  1034. Legends of The Universe
  1035. Pokemon charactor
  1036. which yu-gi-oh character are you
  1037. FMA charactors
  1038. which character from my book r u
  1039. Slayers PersonalityTest
  1040. Fruits Basket Character Selector
  1041. Inu-Yasha Selector
  1042. What Monsters Advanced Character are you?
  1043. What dirty pair flash cahracter are you
  1044. Sonic character selecter
  1045. The RISK member selector
  1046. Who is your ideal Dead FF7 Character?
  1047. The Elf Princess Raine Selector! ^_^
  1048. Who's Your Tomodachi?
  1049. Evil Trigun Character
  1050. Inuyasha
  1051. What Shrapnel Villan are you most like?
  1052. Which Duel Monster are you
  1053. Which TriWizard are you?
  1054. InuYasha Male Selector
  1055. inuyasha test
  1056. Which Pokemon Lifuu Character are you?
  1057. Anime Selector, fun stuff only.
  1058. Black and white Pokemon you will be
  1059. Which Digimon are you (Dark chronicles)?
  1060. Which hair hunter from 100 years ago are you?
  1061. Character Selector
  1062. Beyblade
  1063. TheYYH Test of the Nine Factors
  1064. Suzaku senshi quiz
  1065. What Excel saga character are you
  1066. what dragon knight are u
  1067. Which of my created characters r u?
  1068. Devil Hunter Yohko selector
  1069. Which Ceres Clestial Legend Character are you?
  1070. Yu Yu Hakusho selector
  1071. Who from Shrapnel would be your Boyfriend ?
  1072. Who are you,Lain?
  1073. My Rune Soldier Selector
  1074. Dragon Knights Selector
  1075. Which of the 3 Generals from Chrono Trigger are you?
  1076. chobits selector
  1077. Which 'Kirkville' girl are you?
  1078. RockMan.EXE Selector
  1079. rouroni kenshin selecter
  1080. Inuyasha person selecter
  1081. Yu Yu Hakusho Selector
  1082. Which Fire Islands Gym Leader Are You?
  1083. Dragonball Personality
  1084. .Hacksign
  1085. (Dont take this its for my friends) which character from my series are you
  1086. Which Japanese Manga Series Would You Like?
  1087. what Naruto character are you
  1088. What is your dragon ball z charecter
  1089. Quel membre des Gundals ętes-vous ?
  1090. What ProjectPower Character Are You (Story I Made)
  1091. Which of my original characters are you?
  1092. Type of maniac
  1093. Which Character from Angelic Layer Are You?
  1094. Which CyberBot is after you???
  1095. Fushigi Yuugi warrier quiz
  1096. Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Selector
  1097. What InuYasha charactron are you???
  1098. INU YASHA
  1099. ( Anime )
  1100. Fushigi Yug Character Test
The 100+ Most Popular Multiple Choice Anime Selectors
Over the past 15 years these are the most visited multiple choice anime selectors on They are listed in order of popularity.
  1. Quel personnage de Nana est-tu?
  2. Who's your anime girl friend?
  4. What is your Nen Type?
  5. What Would You Look Like as Your Anime Character?
  6. Which Pokemon Gym Leader (Kanto) are you?
  7. Naruto Character Quiz
  8. Bleach character quiz. Who are you most like in bleach?
  9. Which anime series is right for you?
  10. What Fruits Basket character are you?
  11. Bleach Boyfriend selector
  12. Which Nen group do you belong to?
  13. Warriors, What is your cat name?
  14. Naruto character match up
  15. Which style of anime is right for you?
  16. What D. Gray-Man character are you?
  17. Bleach Character test with a twist~
  18. Anime Character Quiz
  19. Which One Piece Girl is your Girl Friend?
  20. Quel personnage de Jojos Bizarre Adventure êtes-vous ?
  21. Which Negima Character are you?
  22. Which Power Do You have?
  23. Which Yugioh Gx Character are you
  24. what Hunter X hunter NEN group are you ?
  25. Which naruto guy likes you?
  26. which naruto character are you most like
  27. Which Inuyasha Character Are You?
  28. A3! Compatibility Quiz
  29. What Kagune type would you have?
  30. What FullMetal Alchemist Character Are You??
  31. Your digimon partner
  32. Quel est votre Nen ? (hxh)
  33. Could you become a member in the code lyoko gang?
  34. My Naruto Character Selector
  35. Which Naruto guy should you be with?
  36. Anime personality quiz for boys
  37. One Piece Boy Quiz
  38. À quel personnage de nana ressemble tu le plus
  39. What should your name be?
  40. Who's Your Man? (InuYasha)
  41. Which of the Eleven Supernovas from One Piece are you?
  42. What is your element?
  43. Random Anime
  44. what bobobo character are you?
  45. Which One Piece character are you (Up to manga Chapter ~600)
  46. Which Suikoden III character are you?
  47. What is you anime hair color?
  48. Which Lucky Star character are you?
  49. Which Pokemon
  50. Which Of My Tales Of The Abyss Characters Most Resembles You?
  51. Samurai Deeper Kyo Character Personality Quiz
  52. Naruto Boys
  53. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad Selector
  54. Tales of Symphonia Character
  55. Yu Yu Hakusho personality selector
  56. Which of the 7 playable ''Tales of the Abyss'' characters are you?
  57. Quel membre de la Brigade Fantôme êtes-vous ?
  58. FMA Kitty Quiz
  59. Which character are you in Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya?
  60. Perguntas de dbz
  61. Which .hack//SIGN character are you?
  62. How well do you know Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
  63. Howl's Moving Castle
  64. zatch bell character selector
  65. What Naruto character are you?
  66. Naruto V.S Sasuke test
  67. One Piece / Straw Hat Pirates
  68. What is your warrior clan?
  69. Which Shadow Skill character are you?
  70. Which suikoden 3 character are you?[choose wisely]
  71. Ultimate DBZ Personality Quiz
  72. Tomboy
  73. inuyasha character test
  74. My Furuba Quiz!!
  75. kagome/kikyo
  76. Which MLP Equestria Girl do you look like?
  77. Transformers Victory
  78. Evangelion character!!!!!!!!
  79. What is youre Magical Element
  80. what anime character are YOU YOU YOU
  81. Un quiz animé français.
  82. Inuyasha Character quiz
  83. What Pokemon are you?
  84. Pokemon
  85. TSUBASA Selector Quiz
  86. Which sonic character would you be if you were a sonic character
  87. Which Are You? Anime Girlz
  88. Which Hyper Active Anime Girl Are Youh?
  89. What Yu Yu Hakusho Character are?
  90. Transforming Toys
  91. Which battle royale character are you?
  92. Who would you be if you were in Haikyuu?
  93. what yu yu hakusho person are you
  94. Which Anime/Video Game Hottie Best Suits You
  95. what anime style are you? (for girls only)
  96. A3! Compatibility Quiz
  97. What Anime Female Are You?
  98. Which of my 5 Tales of Symphonia characters are you most like?
  99. Which character from the One Piece - Marinford arc are you?
  100. Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?
  101. ¿Qué Supernova de One Piece eres?
  102. Princess tutu quiz
  103. Which digidestine are you.
  104. À quoi sert ce quiz?
  105. Which BubbleGum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Character are you
  106. Pokemon Type
  107. Êtes-vous rouge, noir, rose, vert, et cetera?
  108. Epreuve n°1 - B
  109. Hunter X Hunter caractères
  110. Who are you in the Anime world?
  111. Mein Held Academia (My Hero Academia)
  112. Who in Element Set are YOU most alike?
  113. InuYasha Female Character Selector
  114. Zodiac P.I.
  115. Which Ninja of Konoha do you represent?
  116. Tales of Symphonia
  117. What inuyasha charicter are you
  118. Quel est votre type nen?
  119. Trigun character selector
  120. Bishonen Suggestor
  121. Êtes-vous rouge, noir, bleu, vert, et cetera?
  122. are you bored
  123. Character Quiz
  124. City of Time
  125. DBZ Character
The 500+ Most Popular Yes/No Video Game Selectors
Over the past 15 years these are the most visited yes/no video game selectors on They are listed in order of popularity.
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  6. Best RPG for you
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  20. What video game should you play
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  33. What RPG Sprite are you?
  34. What Video game character are you?
  35. FFF - Final Fantasy Females
  36. Who should be your Final Fantasy lover?
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  53. Final Fantasy Femme
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  97. Console Game
  98. Video Game Villains
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  166. Which Super Smash Bros Brawl character are you best at truly
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  168. Tekken Test
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  173. Video Game Character
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  217. Which Anime Character would you be???
  218. Video Game Villain Selector
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  229. What Evil Video Game Character are you?
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  231. Cual es tu color de elemento?
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  233. Who are you like in ''Rudra no Hihou'' (Rudra's Secret Treasure).
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  249. HENTAI
  250. Your Perfect GTA Game
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  253. What Evil Zone Character Are You?
  254. What Type of Video Gamer are you?
  255. which dragon ball z character are you
  256. Which Donkey Kong 64 Character Are You?
  257. What Anime Character Are U Similar To?
  258. Which Evil Megaman Boss Are You?
  259. Video Games and You!
  260. GTA V personality test!
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  263. Star Fox Adventures Character Selector
  264. Which Legend of Zelda character are you?
  265. Way of the samurai personality test
  266. Which Tales of Destiny Character are you?
  267. Which Warcraft class are you?
  268. What's Ur Faveorite Videogames Console??
  269. Silhouette Mirage Selector
  270. what lunar 2 character are you?
  271. What Old-School Nintendo Character Are You?
  272. Who are you in TS2?
  273. Tales of Symphonia Quiz
  274. ¿A qué personaje masculino de Rival Schools te pareces?
  275. Bloody Roar 2 Character selector
  276. Metroid Prime Hunters Character Selector
  277. what item are you in the N64 zelda games?
  278. Kingdom Hearts Personality Test
  279. what brawl character are you?
  280. Which Mega Man Legends Character Are You?
  281. Dragon Quest III Class Selector
  282. :: The Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector ::
  283. The Discworld MUD Guild Selector
  284. which jak and daxter charter r u?
  285. Which Okage: shadow king character are you most like?
  286. Which Darkstalker Most Applies To YOU
  287. Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?
  288. What Suikoden Hero are you??
  289. Chrono Trigger Personality Quiz
  290. Donkey Kong Country character quiz
  291. Who's your KOF man?
  292. What weapon do you use?
  293. Virtua Fighter 2 Character Selector
  294. Which person from any Zelda game would you be?
  295. Tekken 4-Dark Resurrection Character
  296. GRAND THEFT AUTO: san andreas and vice city
  297. The Puyo Puyo Game Test
  298. Guilty Gear/X Character Selector
  299. Which Region Should you live in?
  300. What type of video game character are you-innocent or mischievous?
  301. Legend of Zelda Personality Selector
  302. Which Sonic character are you?
  303. Which Legion Saga character are you most like?
  304. What Everquest (tm) class would you be?
  305. Are you a Yoshi, Sonic, Mario, or others?
  306. ¿A quíen te pareces de Rival Schools: Project Justice?
  307. Riviera/Yggdra Union Element Selector
  308. Are you an avid gamer?
  309. What Zelda character is your personality most like?
  310. What Clock Tower 3 Character are you?
  311. What Mario charecter are you most like?
  312. Pokemon character compatiblity
  313. Soul Calibur 2 Character Test
  314. games console selector
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  316. What Star Fox char are you?
  317. Final Fantasy Dating Service!
  318. Final Fantasy or Dragon Ball Z
  319. Jet Set Radio Deluxe Character Test
  320. The Sonic Character Selector
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  322. What EVIL Final Fantasy character are you (1-10)
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  324. What Septerra Core Character Are You?
  325. Xtaku: Yea, or Nay?
  326. What Tales of Destiny Character are you?
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  328. Sonic Adventure character personality selector
  329. Which DDR character are you?
  330. MilkCan Groupie or Hip Hop Master??
  331. What Navi Would You Be?
  332. What Guilty Gear Gal Are You?
  333. Age of Empires Military Unit Selector
  334. Suikoden 1 selector
  335. Who tekken 3 Character are you?
  336. Sonic the Hedgehog Selector
  337. What Bloody Roar Character Are You?
  338. Online gamers personality quiz
  339. What Female Chrono Cross character are you?
  340. Which Terranigma Character Are You?
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  343. What Chao Are You?
  344. FF3 Character Personality Test
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  349. Which Laguna Loire Are YOU?
  350. Chao Quiz
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  352. What Oddworld creature are you?
  353. Diablo II: What kind of character would you be best at?
  354. Which Sonic Character Are You?
  355. What Donkey Kong Character are you?
  356. Kingdom Hearts Character Selector
  357. Which Final Fantasy game is the best for you?
  358. ratchet and clank character selector
  359. Which Spyro The Dragon character are you?
  360. Which Tetris Shape Are You?
  361. What Xenosaga Character Are You?
  362. Which Pokemon are you?
  363. What's Your Ideal BattleMech?
  364. What's Your Strongest Ideya?
  365. The Tek Select
  366. Ogre Battle 64 Character Selector
  367. Darkness, Inc. Personality Test
  368. Charaboms Selector
  369. KSRPG Character Type Selector
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  371. DBZ and Final Fantasy charecters
  372. What MegaMan 7 Boss Character Are You Most Like?
  373. RPG game that best suits you
  374. Which Killfrog Character are you?
  375. Um Jammer Lammy character selector
  376. Which Final Fantasy girl are you?
  377. What colored Jewel Chao are YOU?
  378. Find out Your Element
  379. Are YOU a Final Fantasy VII master?
  380. Final Fantasy 7 personality quiz
  381. Nintendo Villains quiz.
  382. Super Smash Bros. Melee!
  383. Legend of Dragoon Personality Test
  384. What Seiken Densetsu 3 Character Are You
  385. Famous Game Series
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  387. Which Xenogears villain are you?
  388. Which Final Fantasy on the PSX would you fit into best?
  389. Video game selector
  390. What Starcraft Broodwar Defense Map Are You?
  391. Which Secret of Mana Spirit are you?
  392. Qual personagem do Star Ocean Second Story vc é?
  393. Final Fantasy Villain Selector
  394. Final Fantasy Tactics Character Selector
  395. Bloody Roar 1-3 Zoanthrope Character Selector
  396. which ssx character are you?
  397. Stretch Panic Character Selector
  398. Which Grand Theft Auto 3 Island Would You Be Most At Home On?
  399. What Chao are you like?
  400. Elements
  401. witch digimon would be the best partner for you
  402. Kirby Character Selector
  403. what gta character are you???
  404. FF7Lover
  405. Who is your Advance Wars DS character
  406. Which Starfox: Dinosaur Planet Character Are You?
  407. What SA2B Character Are You?
  408. Final Fantasy Character Test
  409. Snatcher Character Quiz
  410. Who matches your Personality?
  411. Mark of the Wolves
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  413. The Triforce Selector
  414. Virtual On: Cybertroopers Character Selector
  415. Crash Match Personality Selector
  416. The Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector #2
  417. Power Stone Character Selector
  418. Which Street Fighter are you?
  419. Devil May Cry Character Selector
  420. Tales of Destiny character selector
  421. Starcraft Broodwar Unit Selector
  422. Resident Evil Code Veronica Character Selector
  423. Which Rival Schools school are you in?
  424. Which Sonic The Hedgehog Character Are You???
  425. What Mario Character are you?
  426. Resident Evil Online Quiz
  427. Nintendo Character Selector
  428. What FF4 Survivor character are you?
  429. Which Resident Evil character are you???
  430. Legend of Zelda- female character
  431. Which Suikoden2 Guy is right for you?
  432. what the legend of zelda character are you?
  433. DDR Freak .. or not?
  434. Which Harvest Moon Girl Are You?
  435. Dark Souls Character Selector
  436. Who's Your Iron Fist?
  437. Red Alert 3 Quiz
  438. What A Raichu's Tale Character are YOU?
  439. Com qual personagem de Ultima 1-7 você se parece?
  440. Shizuma's Amazingly Adequate Xenogears Character Selector
  441. Bloody Roar 2
  442. Which Zelda Series Characters Are Most Like You?
  443. Final Fantasy 7/8/9 Character Selector
  444. What Iconic RPG World Map Theme Are You?
  445. Which Grandia character are you like the most?
  446. Which Weaponlord Character Are You?
  447. Final Fantasy V Characters
  448. Which Shadow Age Character Are You?
  449. What Final Fantasy VIII Monster Are You?
  450. Klonoa:Lunatea's Veil character selector!
  451. Xenogears Personality Test
  452. Who's your KOF lady
  453. Which Nintendo character are you?
  454. Which Deus Ex Character Are You?
  455. Paper Mario Selector
  456. What Ninja Turtle Character are you?
  457. Valkyrie profile character
  458. Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Character Quiz
  459. Which character are you from The Legend of Zelda: The Heart of Evil?
  460. Which Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 Character are you?
  461. Which sonic Character are you supposed to be?
  462. final fantasy villan
  463. Clock Tower 3 character selector
  464. Legend of Dragoon Quiz
  465. What Zelda Character Are You?
  466. Walthros Character Selector
  467. Bully personality test!
  468. Sonic Characters Quiz
  469. Crash Bandicoot Character Selector
  470. Super Smash Bros Melee
  471. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Character Selector
  472. Does Ross like me?
  473. Chapino Fandom
  474. Conoce tu color innato
  475. Which BOTVGHer are you? 2002 Edition
  476. Who Would Be Your RPG Man?
  477. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 Character Test
  478. Which Mega Man Character Are You Most Like?
  479. Street Fighter
  480. Which Final Fantasy 9 character are you most like?
  481. Which resident evil character are you?
  482. Diablo II character selector of doom
  483. Qual personagem do Aow Shard que você mais se identifica?
  484. Which Megaman Character are you?
  485. Which Grandia II Character Are You?
  486. Which Zelda Character are you?
  487. What Nintendo Charecter are u?
  488. From Aeris to Vincent - Which FF7 character are you?
  489. FF Quiz
  490. Dynasty Warrior Character
  491. which top 15 video game character are you?
  492. Everquest class
  493. What MegaMan Soul Are You?
  494. Ocarina of Time
  495. What ToS charecter are you?
  496. Which SMRPG character are you most like?
  497. Parasite Eve Character Selector
  498. What Chrono Trigger character are you most like?
  499. What character from the EverQuest RPG are you most like?
  500. Zelda Game Selector
  501. CastleVania Quiz
  502. Resident Evil villain choser
  503. Monkey Island Character Selector.
  504. Final Fantasy class selector
  505. SaGa Frontier Characters
  506. What class would YOU be in the FF world?
  507. What Mario Character are you like?
  508. Which character from the Mega Man X series would you be?
  509. Which Street Fighter Vixen Wants To Spar You?
  510. What Navi Are You?
  511. Final Fantasy Character Class
  512. Chrono Cross Female Selector
  513. Mario Character Test
  514. Which Super Smash Brothers Melee Charecter is right for you
  515. Golden Sun Character Selector
  516. What Uscit character are YOU?
  517. Which Metal Demon is YOUR long lost twin?
  518. Who the hell are you?
  519. What SSBM Character are you?
  520. What Dungeon Siege Monster are you most like?
  521. What Version should I run?
  522. Which triforce are you going to get?
  523. What Resident Evil Character Are You?
  524. Dead or alive Selector
  525. Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Character Selector
  526. Which Elemental Spirit are you?
  527. Soul Calibur Characters
  528. Who should you use on super smash brothers melee?
  529. Harvest Moon Back to Nature Chick finder
  530. What megaman hero are you?
  531. Which MM Character are you?
  532. Final fantasy character fav
  533. Nintendo Character
  534. Chrono Cross Female Character Selector
  535. Nintendo Mascot Selector
  536. ANOTHER Um Jammer Lammy Selector
  537. what zelda character would you best be in a relationship with?
  538. Which Sexy Gym Leader/Elite/...sexmonster are you? :D
  539. Which Goldeneye Weapon Suits You
  540. Chrono Cross Female Character Selector
  541. KoF2K1 Females
  542. Which character in a RPG are you?
  543. Your Zelda character
  544. Final Fantasy VII character selector
  545. Lunar Compatibility Test
  546. Which Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?
  547. What Civ IV Traits Do You Have?
  548. Which Super Smash Melee character are you!?
  549. Wich Star Fox character is you most alike?
  550. Which Um Jammer Lammy female are you most like?
  551. Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Song
  552. Which Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
  553. What color are you?
  554. First Person Shooter
  555. Mario character selecter
  556. Final Fantasy Character Selector
  557. Final Fantasy VIII Dating Game
  558. What GOJ are you?
  559. Grandia II Quiz
  560. Which Star Ocean 2 Character are you?
  561. Pop'n Music Deuil Selector
  562. Final Fantasy X Personality Test
  563. Secret of Mana Elemental Selector Test, For Some Reason
  564. Mega Man 8 Robot Master
  566. The Classic Final Fantasy Enemy Test
  567. What Ragnarok 1-1 job suits best your playing style?
  568. dynasty/samurai warriors test
  569. Sonic
  570. Which Adept Are You?
  571. Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
  572. Which Metal Gear Character Are You???
  573. the best sonic character for U
  574. shrek slam
  575. Which Monster are you from Disgaea ?
  576. What Chrono Trigger Character are you?
  577. Resident Evil Weapon
  578. Chrono Trigger Time Period Selector
  579. The Six Sages
  580. CO Selector
  581. Ranger, Warrior & Other Characters
  582. Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 Character Selector
  583. Yoshi Color
  584. FF7
  585. Wild Arms 2 Character Selector
  586. Which Phantasy Star 2 Spell Are You?
  587. Job CLass Finder
  588. Resident Evil 2 and 3
  589. FF8 compatibility selector
  590. Happy Wheels personality test!
  591. KIngdom hearts
  592. Mario Selector
  593. What are you?
  594. ¿A qué escuela de Rival Schools pertenecerías?
  595. Which Zelda character are you?
  596. Final Fantasy Character Selector
  597. Mario Party 3 Partner Selector
  598. Which SaGa Frontier Main Character are You?
  599. What game character are you?
  600. Final Fantasy VII Character Selector