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  1. Anarcho Punk(Anti-Flag, Crass)

  2. Anti-Folk (Moldy Peaches, Son Volt)

  3. Crust Punk (Aus-Rotten, Sarcasm)

  4. Deathrock (45 Grave, Turbonegro)

  5. Emo (Bright Eyes, Thursday)

  6. Grunge (Nirvana, Pearl Jam)

  7. Hardcore (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys)

  8. Horror (Misfits, Mister Monster)

  9. New Wave (Blondie, REM)

  10. Oi! (Templars, Sham 69)

  11. Pop Punk (Green Day, Offspring)

  12. Proto Punk (Ramones, Clash)

  13. Psychobilly (Cramps, Meteors)

  14. Riot Grrl (Bikini Kill, Bratmobile)

  15. Two Tone (Bad Manners, Slackers)

  16. Queercore (Pansy Division, Tribe 8)

  17. Skate Punk (NoFX, Rancid)

  18. Straight Edge (Teen Idles, Vegan Reich

  19. Skacore (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel

  20. Screamo (Hot Cross, Usurp Synapse)

  21. Street Punk (Casualties, Toxic Narcoti

  22. Post Punk (Cure, Siouxsie And The Bans

  23. Alpunk (Attwenger, Extremschrammeln)

  24. No Wave (Mars, Swans)

  25. Synthpunk (Nervous Gender, Screamers)

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