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  1. Phillip Spaulding

  2. Alan Spaulding

  3. Ross Marler

  4. Rick Bauer

  5. Michele Bauer Santos

  6. Claire Ramsay

  7. Danny Santos

  8. Josh Lewis

  9. Reva Shayne Lewis

  10. David Grant

  11. Marah Lewis

  12. Noah Chase

  13. Olivia Spenser Lewis

  14. Sam Spenser

  15. Harley Cooper

  16. Buzz Cooper

  17. Frank Cooper

  18. C. Blake Thorpe Marler

  19. Cassie Layne Winslow

  20. Richard Winslow

  21. Edmund Winslow

  22. Tony Santos

  23. Lillian Raines

  24. Gus Aituro

  25. Beth Lemay

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