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  1. Terra Branford

  2. Locke Cole

  3. Edgar Figaro

  4. Sabin Figaro

  5. Celes Chere

  6. Shadow

  7. Setzer Gabbaini

  8. Cloud Strife

  9. Aeris Gainsbourgh

  10. Tifa Lockhart

  11. Barret Wallace

  12. Vincent Valentine

  13. Cid Highwind

  14. Squall Leonhart

  15. Rinoa Heartilly

  16. Zell Dincht

  17. Laguna Loire

  18. Irvine Kinneas

  19. Quistis Trepe

  20. Selphie Timlitt

  21. Zidane Tribal

  22. Garnet Alexandros

  23. Vivi Orinter

  24. Adelbert Steiner

  25. Eiko Carol

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