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Role Playing GamesWhat Alignment Are You?
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A Role Playing Games Selector by BlackMageAnolis, created July 2014. The alignment system is one of the most crucial elements of Dungeons and Dragons, and it has left a large impact on the 'nerd' community. Many people pick there own alignments when rolling their character, but they never seem to know their true alignment. This quiz is meant to show people their true alignment.
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1. You are a soldier whose job is to enforce the law within the city. You are about to execute a young thief who had committed a few robberies before he was caught. However, before you can kill him, he says he needed the money to feed his family as the government is impoverishing many families with their taxes and the low wages set for jobs. With this in mind, do you kill him?
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2. You are a student in a classroom when the teacher is forced to leave because of a meeting with the other faculty. Some of the students have started acting up, and your friend asks you to join in with them. You know it probably won't matter in the end, but do you join in anyway?
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3. You are a consigliere for an infamous crime family in a bustling city. A strange man in a trenchcoat comes up to you on the sidewalk and bumps you with his shoulder, startling you and leaving a note on the ground which you pick up. The note says that the man was an undercover police officer who wishes to bring the family you're working for to justice for their heinous crimes. It also says that if you assist him in his plan, you'll get off scot free. However, you then remember that the family has helped out a lot of people in this community and has even helped businesses stay afloat. Now, do you assist the officer in his plan?
Prioritize your choice above:

4. You are a ruler of a kingdom that is at war with another. Your methods of ruling are known to be less 'egalitarian' and 'morally right' than the 'paragons of justice' from the other kingdom. You have recently captured an esteemed general in battle, and you then coax him for information about strategic points within the rival kingdom's domain that are vital to their war efforts. Now that you've squeezed him dry, do you decide to do the same with his blood?
Prioritize your choice above:

5. You are an aspiring squire running from a village who has been attacked by evil forces seeking to rule the continent, tired our from running and raging. After losing the remaining forces in a forest forbidden for you to go into, you come across a temple which holds a lone sword. A mysterious voice then makes itself known, saying that the sword's power can help vanquish the evil forces seeking global domination. The scene is reminiscent of a legend regarding an evil spirit possessing a lone warrior, but you think that with it, you could put an end to the enemy's tyrannical reign. Do you draw the sword?
Prioritize your choice above:

6. You are a robot who works at a manufacturing plant for security scanners. During repair sessions, you notice a familiar face in the crowd. Using the scanners installed in you as well as a quick Google search, you find out the woman is a known serial killer, known for marrying widowers and killing them after getting acquainted. With this sense of heroism pervading through you, you rush out to finally bring her to justice. After pinning her down, you have the option to kill her with the drill. However, you remember your Three Laws of Robotics that while they have become superficial because of rapidly advancing AI, robots can be punishable with permanent shutdown if these laws are broken. Now, do you kill her?
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